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  • Biffa,Male,American Bulldog cross, American Staffordshire Terrier, 4 years approx


    Sex: Male
    Breed: American Bulldog cross Staffordshire Bull Terrier
    Age: 4 years approx
    Ref: #6858

    Biffa has been at the Animal Shelter since 25/5/13.

    Big hearted Biffa is a super fun dog who can’t wait to find his special someone. No one as beautiful as our boy Biffa should be left waiting without a family and home to call his own for so long. He is a great dog with personality plus and a face that will melt any dog lovers heart. He is so much fun to be with as he loves to play, run and be silly, Biffa especially loves a good game of tug of war. He also loves the beach and any kind of activity involving water, he goes absolutely nuts for water which is highly entertaining to watch. He is very smart and will excel with training as he is keen to learn and please. Biffa needs a home where his new people have time to spend with him, take him on family adventures and provide him with daily exercise and play time. Biffa is terribly affectionate, he loves his cuddles and smooches and is irresistible in everyway. Beyond cute is our Biffies with his spots, cuddly stocky body and big gorgeous head and those eyes are just irresistible. Biffa is desperate to begin his new life, he just wants the love and comfort that only a loving home can provide.
    Beautiful Biffa has gone off to our wonderful friends at Staffy Rescue, where he will be available for adoption. Please contact them if you would like more information on this very special

  • Sunflower,Female,Medium cross breed, 2 years approx

    Sunflower - has got a new home!

    Sex: Female
    Breed: Medium Cross Breed
    Age: 2 years approx
    Ref: #100803

    Sunflower has been at the Animal Shelter since 18/11/13.

    Our dearest Sunflower is certainly a special girl. This dog has come leaps and bounds since first arriving with us. You will find her trotting up and down the yard with a HUGE smile on her pretty face, or relaxing in the shade like a lady. Sunflower will require an owner who is willing to put in time and training and give her the huge amount of love that every dog requires. She is always keen for a walk, loves to trot around the yard or run up and down the fence with the other dogs. She has an intense love of toys (especially tennis balls), and if there’s water nearby, good luck getting her out of it! Sunflower has mastered the art of scuba diving, we throw toys into her little pool, and say 'find' and she ducks her head underwater and blows bubbles and doesn't stop until she's retrieved the toy! She loves life and lives it to the fullest everyday and we know that she is going to make an amazing companion for someone extremely lucky. Sunflower is a true sweetheart who just wants to be loved. She warmly welcomes us every day with that amazing smile and loves every one of her many friends. Sunflower will need daily exercise and stimulation to burn her energy and keep her happy. When left alone Sunflower very much enjoys toys and also food based stimulators such as Kongs and other tricky things to hide her food in. This gorgeous girl is hard to walk past and we can’t wait for her forever family to walk through the shelter gates and take our girl to a bigger and better life.

  • Smartie, male, staffy cross unknown, 2 years approx


    Sex: Male
    Breed: Kelpie cross Unknown
    Age: 2 years approx
    Ref: #7336

    Smartie has been at the Animal Shelter since 31/5/14.

    Smiling Smartie Pants! Meet Smartie, the cute little red dog who is a gorgeous bundle of energy. Smartie is a sweetheart and just like his name suggests, a smart little cookie he is. This boy is very intelligent and has so much potential to be a great companion with the love only a home can provide. Smartie loves his human friends. He is full of cuddles, licks and crazy dog stuff when he spots his mates. He enjoys his daily walks with the shelter volunteers and playing with his fellow shelter doggies.
    Smartie is looking for a new beginning in a loving home. He is hoping to find a mate to hang out with and do fun dog stuff. Going for walks and on exciting adventures, someone to play games with, a warm body to cuddle with, but mostly, just someone to hang with and be his best buddy. Smartie is a special little soul who is bursting to share his love of life with his chosen companion, he truly deserves an exciting new beginning.

  • Prince, mastiff cross unknown, 18 months old, male


    Sex: Male
    Breed: Medium cross breed
    Age: 18 months approx
    Ref: #7431

    Prince has been at the Animal Shelter since 7/4/14.

    What isn’t to love about this beautiful big chocolate dog! In fact he is the most stunning of the chocolate kind. Prince is an amazing boy, he is extremely intelligent and has loads of potential, with tonnes of love to give and a giant smile that can never be wiped off his face. Prince likes to act as a puppy, and he is exactly that, a giant puppy! He will smother you with kisses and love and he loves nothing more than to play chase with a tennis ball, although getting it from his mouth may be another story. Prince will need a strong and confident handler who can commit to basic obedience training and have Prince as a part of their family for the rest of his doggy life. He is well behaved in public and around children and he also enjoys play dates with other dogs. He walks well on a lead once he gets on his way and enjoys his time out and about with his human friends. With a face as handsome as his we don’t know how anyone who could resist his charming manner. Come down to meet him and you’ll see for yourself this chocolate boy is truly something spectacular.

  • Rugby, male, bull arab cross unknown, 1 year approx


    Sex: Male
    Breed: Bull Arab cross Unknown
    Age: 1 year approx
    Ref: #100956

    Rugby has been at the Animal Shelter since 3/9/14.

    Adorable boy Rugby is looking for a lifelong human companion to have a load of fun with. Rugby is only a young dog who has plenty of energy and love to give as well as being soft as silk in his quieter cuddly moments. This boy loves running around, playing games with the shelter doggies through the fence, and going for walks. He has a super happy nature and is always sporting a smile. Rugby is a bit of a mixed breed boy and would be a great exercise partner for someone fun and active. He will benefit greatly from stimulation and socialisation with other doggies and everything life has to offer, and also some basic obedience training to brush up on his manners. Rugby is a real sweetheart in every way. He cannot wait to bust out of the shelter and begin his fun filled adventurous life.

  • Thor, Male, Medium cross breed mix, 2 years approx


    Sex: Male
    Breed: Medium cross breed
    Age: 2 years approx
    Ref: #100971

    Thor has been at the Animal Shelter since 25/9/14.

    Thor…Big ears and big personality! This delightful sweetheart we have christened Thor is one cool dog. He is as happy as can be at all times with a massive smile on his goofy face. Thor is a fun dog who has a massive food drive so he will likely excel with basic training and he is a clever cookie too. He also has a massive play drive and loves his toys and things that go squeak. Thor has behaved like an angel during his time at the shelter and we are sure he will make a great family dog with love, exercise and a good routine. He is confident, relaxed and a real mixed bag variety, we are really not sure what breeds he is crossed with. So basically, Thor is a big white dog who has a lovely affectionate nature and a love of people. He is looking for someone to love him for the happy creature that he is and share his exuberant love of life.

  • TimTam, Male, Medium Cross Breed, 10 months approx

    Tim Tam - has got a new home!

    Sex: Male
    Breed: Medium cross breed
    Age: 10 months approx
    Ref: #100975

    Tim Tam has been at the Animal Shelter since 8/10/14.

    Tim Tam is as divine as the chocolate he is named after! This young pup is a bundle of fun and so much more!! He is such a sweet boy who is great with other dogs so he would be a good addition to someone who already has a canine in their family. He would greatly benefit from basic training and we feel he would learn very quickly. He is happy go lucky, friendly and oh so lovable- this cutie would be such a great asset to have to have in any family and he will bring so much joy and companionship. This brindle pup is looking for a lifetime commitment and to go on many great adventures with his new pack, if you can make this commitment to him then he will surely make it back to you!

  • Rosetta,Female,Medium cross Breed, 4 years approx


    Sex: Female
    Breed: Medium cross breed
    Age: 4 years approx
    Ref: #100977

    Rosetta has been at the Animal Shelter since 13/10/14.

    Happy go-lucky Rosetta is as sweet as her name suggests! She adores the love and companionship of all her human friends and is happy to play with her canine ones as well. Its safe to say that Rosettas favourite thing in the world would have to be water, she loves to play chasing with the hose when it is turned on. She also enjoys spending her time paddling away in her shell pool on those really hot summer days. Rosetta is always keen to go on her walks and loves to explore what is going on out and about in the outside world, She must stop to sniff everything! All and all Rosetta is going to make one fantastic and extremely loyal companion when she walks out of the shelter with her new family, She just needs to meet them.

  • BoBo,Male, Medium cross breed, 2 years approx


    Sex: Male
    Breed: Unknown Cross Breed
    Age: 2 years approx
    Ref: #100987

    BoBo has been at the Animal Shelter since 5/11/14.

    Bobo is a charming little man who thoroughly adores his human company. This dog is really fun loving, has a smile on his face and just enjoys time spent with you. Bobo would be a good family dog, he would enjoy spending time with the kids, playing games in the backyard, going for walks and adventures and snuggling up to be a part of the family at night. Bobo loves attention and would benefit from socialisation with other canines and as many people as he can, because he adores people! This mixed breed boy is a bag of fun and just on the lookout for people to love him for who he is.

  • Yanna,Female,Dalmation, 7 years approx

    Yanna - has got a new home!

    Sex: Female
    Breed: Dalmatian
    Age: 7 years approx
    Ref: #100992

    Yanna has been at the Animal Shelter since 16/11/14.

    We don’t have 101 Dalmatian’s… but we do have one, and her name is Yanna.

    Black and white with lots of spots, Yanna is a real beauty inside and out. She has the sweetest nature and is a truly lovely dog. Yanna is looking for a new home and family to adore her. She is a little worried as Christmas is quickly approaching, she does not want to miss out on presents and Christmas dinner! Yanna will make a very spotty and treasured family member. She is fun and loving and deserves the best. She also loves swimming, all people and her fellow canines. She is pretty special, we love her, and know you will too.

  • American Staffordshire, Male, 1 year approx


    Sex: Male
    Breed: American Staffordshire Terrier
    Age: 1 year
    Ref: #100993

    Tyson has been at the Animal Shelter since 16/11/14.

    Tyson is a very pleasant dog to be around. This bright beautiful boy has a staffy face as cute as a button, black features and a sweet little pout. Tyson has had some obedience training in his past, he is attentive, doesn’t get too over excited and sits on command. Tyson has the true staffy nature down pat, he is loyal, loving, sweet, and just wants to be a part of whatever you’re doing. We would love to see this boy go off to an exceptional home, we all know he deserves it.

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