Report:issues relating to animals including lost, found or complaints

Animal Shelter

Animal Shelter opening hours and contact information, dogs and cats for sale, and volunteering information.


Dogs and cats must be microchipped and lifetime registered. Our Animal Shelter conducts dog and cat microchipping.


Dogs and cats must lifetime registered. There are a variety of ways you can register your pet through council including online.

Impounded animals

If your pet is lost it may be impounded at the Animal Shelter

Dangerous dogs and restricted breeds

Requirements and penalties associated with owning a dangerous or restricted dog.

Owning Multiple Dogs

Keeping many dogs can cause problems for your neighbours.

Barking Dogs

Council can act on complaints about barking dogs.

Injured animals

What to do if you find an injured or orphaned native animal.

Keeping Chickens

Regulations regarding the keeping of chickens on private property.

Problem Cats

Find out what can be done about roaming or nuisance cats.

Dog Attack

What to do if you are a vitcim of a dog attack or have witnessed a dog attack

Grey-headed Flying-foxes

Information on the Grey-headed Flying-fox and details of Council's management of the Kareela camp

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