Urban Activation Precincts

The state government has called for nominations from councils for the Urban Activation Precincts program.  Council has nominated an area of Sutherland as an urban activation precinct.

Sutherland Urban Activation Precinct (pdf)

This nomination is currently being considered by the NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure (DP&I).

What are urban activation precincts?

Urban Activation Precincts are a new initiative of the State Government that seek to facilitate growth in housing and jobs through a strategic, precinct based approach to planning.

The aim is to create capacity for significant growth in locations that benefit from public transport and to deliver quality living environments and more employment opportunities.  Growth will be backed up by State investment in infrastructure and grants to local government to meet local infrastructure needs.

Planning framework

The preparation of the planning framework for an urban activation precinct will be determined by the state government.   While the NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure guidelines state that councils will be part of the working party, council will not have a determining role.  The assessment, exhibition and determination of planning controls for the precinct are the responsibility of the DP&I.  The state government will become the planning authority for the Urban Activation Precinct.

Working party and public submissions

If council's nominations for an Urban Activation Precinct at Sutherland is accepted, the DP&I will form a working party with council representatives who will then commission planning studies to determine objectives and targets for the precinct in terms of housing, employment, land use mix, economic feasibility, accessibility and infrastructure, urban design and the public domain.

The DP&I will exhibit the studies for 30 days and may modify the proposal in response to public submissions.

Potential zoning changes

Ultimately, if the state government decides to proceed with a nominated area, rezoning of Urban Activation Precincts would occur, which could be supported by funding for increased infrastructure.  A SEPP and/or a LEP would be made for the precinct which would include changes to zoning and controls for development in the precinct.


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