Sutherland Shire Local Environment Plan 2015

Lot Sizes

What are lot size controls?

Different lot sizes are set for different areas and uses, to protect and establish the character and pattern of development in a locality, particularly for residential zones. Setting a minimum lot size ensures that there is sufficient area to accommodate built development and ancillary uses, including landscaping and car parking. Larger lot sizes are required where natural features set the character of the locality. Larger lot sizes give more potential for natural features to be retained and allows more landscaping to be established. The controls also establish how development relates to adjoining development and the public domain.

How does LEP 2015 address minimum lot size?

Clause 4.1 – Minimum subdivision lot size applies to subdivisions and sets minimum lot sizes. The clause does not apply to lots already in existence. The clause also does not apply to individual lots in a strata plan or community title scheme. This clause does not apply to the subdivision a lot in zones R2, R3 and R4 is there is a dual occupancy on the lot.

Clause 4.1A - Minimum subdivision requirements in certain residential zones also applies to land within the residential zones E3, E4, R2, R3, and R4. This clause requires minimum dimensions for lot width and depth. These standards establish uniform development patterns, which help to create the open landscape character of the Shire.

Where can I find my minimum subdivision lot size?

The Lot Size Map should be consulted to determine the appropriate subdivision lot size. It should be noted that internal lots require a greater minimum subdivision lot size which can be found in Clause 4.1.

To see the lot size which applies to your land view the LEP 2015 Maps.

Lot size maps for the LEP 2015

(N.B. Once on the LEP Maps page, you will need to change the map layer to 'Lot Sizes')


A minimum subdivision lot size standard is a ‘development standard’ that can be varied under Clause 4.6 Exceptions to development standards, however some restrictions control the size of the variation allowed.

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