Sutherland Shire Local Environment Plan 2015

Landscape Area

What are landscape area controls?

High landscape quality, the presence of established canopy trees and remnant bushland are features that attract residents to the Sutherland Shire. These are also features council endeavours to protect through the application of landscape area controls in the Sutherland Shire Local Environmental Plan 2015 (LEP 2015).

Landscape area controls seek to maintain and enhance the existing landscaped character of Sutherland Shire by requiring part of a site to be free from buildings and paving, and to be used for the growing of plants, grasses and trees.

The LEP 2015 contains controls which specify the minimum required landscaped area for each property, defined as a percentage of the total site area.

Landscape area (along with floor space ratio and height) controls are effective tools to control the bulk and scale and the intensity of development. These controls are important to establish the character of the area and how the development relates to adjoining development and the public domain.

How does the LEP 2015 address landscape area?

Clause 6.14 - Landscaped areas in cert zones sets the minimum landscaped area by reference to the Landscape Area Map.

Generally, the minimum landscaped area requirements vary between 10% and 40%, depending on the zone, type and intensity of development.

Where can I find my minimum landscape area?

The Landscape Area Map should be consulted to determine the minimum landscaped area percentage applying to your property. Clause 6.14 should also be consulted to determine which parts of a property are to be counted as site area when calculating the minimum landscaped area, and also, if there are any exceptions to the minimum landscaped area development standard.

To see what minimum landscape percentage applies to your property, use the LEP 2015 mapping tool.

Landscape area map LEP 2015

(N.B. Once on the LEP Maps page, you will need to change the map layer to 'Landscape Area')


Childcare centres in the R2 zone may have a landscaped area of 25%.

In some cases the landscaped area may be reduced by 5% where there is a tree subject to clause 5.9 and that meets a series of tests. Please see Clause 6.14 of the LEP for more information on this reduction.

The minimum landscape area is a ‘development standard’ that can be varied under Clause 4.6 Exceptions to development Standards.


Landscape area means, a part of a site used for growing plants, grasses and trees, but does not include any building, structure or hard paved area.

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