Sutherland Shire Local Environment Plan 2015

Foreshore Building Line

A foreshore building line is defined as a line on the Foreshore Building Line Map. It applies to properties along the foreshores.

Read our Foreshore Building Line Fact Sheet

Is there a foreshore building line?

Yes, a foreshore building line is marked on the Foreshore Building Line Map. 

Does the foreshore building line differ from previous lines?

The foreshore building line is indicated as a line on a map. Under the plan, landowners will be able to confirm the location of the foreshore building line by referring to the map or by requesting electronic data from council’s website. This will be simpler to understand than the previous system under SSLEP2006 which referred to MHWM as at 24 April 1980.

What is the foreshore area?

The foreshore area is the land between the foreshore building line and the mean high water mark.  

Foreshore Building Map LEP 2015

(N.B. Once on the LEP Maps page, you will need to change the map layer to 'Foreshore Building Line')

What is permissible within the foreshore area?

Limited forms of development are permitted with consent in the foreshore area these include jetties, boatsheds and waterway access stairs. 

In most circumstances, a new dwelling house is not permissible within the foreshore area. However, if there is no reasonable alternative on a site for a new dwelling house to be located outside of the foreshore area, consent for a new dwelling house within the foreshore area may be granted. Similarly, consent may be granted for a building within the foreshore area if the levels, depth or other exceptional features of the site make it appropriate to allow a building within the foreshore area. This will only occur in exceptional circumstances.

Please refer to the LEP for the full list of what is permissible in the foreshore areas, and the considerations Council will examine in the assessment process.

What about development below the mean high water mark?

Development below Mean High Water Mark is generally on land with a waterways zoning. Development below the MHWM usually requires development consent. 

FBLs and Development Applications  

Development applications on affected properties require the location of the building line identified on the submitted survey plans.  You can apply online for electronic data to accurately plot the foreshore building line on your survey plans.

Check your property's FBL

Use the LEP Map to view the FBL for a property

(N.B. Once on the LEP Maps page, you will need to change the map layer to 'Foreshore Building Line')

Apply for FBL electronic data

Apply for electronic copies of your FBL

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