Sutherland Shire Local Environment Plan 2015


What are floor space ratio controls?

The density of development can be limited by a control limiting the floor space ratio of development. The floor space ratio of buildings on a site is the ratio of the gross floor area of all buildings within the site to the site area.

Floor space ratio development controls are effective tools to control the bulk and scale, and intensity of development. Floor space ratio controls, in conjunction with height controls, are used to help establish the primary building envelopes for new development. Floor space ratios set an upper limit on the intensity of development in terms of traffic generation, parking, loading and associated vehicular access movements.

The controls work in concert – generally larger buildings with greater floor space ratio require greater height to be able to achieve the applicable floor space ratio. The controls establish the character of the area, how development relates to adjoining development and the public domain.

How does LEP 2015 address density?

Clause 4.4 – Floor space ratio sets maximum floor space ratios on a Floor Space Ratio Map. Different maximum FSRs may be applied for different locations within the same zone.

Clause 4.5 sets out how to calculate the floor space ratio and site area.

Additional clauses have been added where it is considered that a particular use on certain land may have an alternate floor space ratio limit. Such development may also need to achieve defined planning objectives, for example in the Caringbah medical area adjacent to the Sutherland Hospital, or in Town Centres where significant public space or benefit results from the development.

Floor space ratio map LEP 2015

(N.B. Once on the LEP Maps page, you will need to change the map layer to 'Floor Space Ratio')

Where can I find my floor space ratio limit?

The Floor Space Ration Map should be consulted to determine the appropriate development limit. Clause 4.4 should also be consulted to determine if there are exceptions to the development standards. Clause 4.5A Density Controls for Multi Dwelling Housing also contains different floor space ratio controls for single storey multi dwelling housing, as mapped. Clause 6.21 Caringbah Medical Precinct also contains special provisions for the area adjacent to Sutherland Hospital, as mapped.


Both height of buildings and floor space ratios are ‘development standards’ that can be varied under Clause 4.6 Exceptions to development Standards.


The definitions of floor space ratio, gross floor area and site area are contained within the LEP2015 Dictionary.

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