Sutherland Shire Local Environment Plan 2015

Waterfront Development

Council has sought a balance between protecting and enhancing the scenic and environmental qualities of the waterways and meeting residents’ reasonable expectations to develop their land.

How is land along the waterfront zoned?

Land below the Mean High Water Mark (MHWM) is generally given a waterways zone. Most land above MHWM is zoned for residential uses, while other land is zoned for recreation or conservation purposes. The zones determine the types of development that are permissible along the waterfront. 

Is there a foreshore building line?

Yes, a foreshore building line is marked on the Foreshore Building Line Map. The land between the foreshore building line and Mean High Water Mark is the Foreshore Area. Within this area, only limited and minor forms of development are permitted.

The foreshore building line identifies the furthest extent to which future development is generally allowed and gives residents certainty that their views will be protected when development occurs on adjoining land. The Foreshore Area also helps to protect natural vegetation, landforms and the scenic quality of the waterways. 

What about development below the Mean High Water Mark?

Development below Mean High Water Mark is generally on land with a waterways zoning. Development below the MHWM usually requires development consent.  For information on development on land with a waterways zone, please refer to the Waterways Zone, W1 Natural Waterways and W2 Recreational Waterways.

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