Foreshore Building Line - Electronic Data Applications

A foreshore building line is defined as a line on the Foreshore Building Line Map. It applies to properties along the foreshores. This page contains information on foreshore building lines and a link to an online application for your electronic data (fees apply) to accurately plot the foreshore building line on survey plans.

FBLs and Development Applications  

Development applications on affected properties require the location of the building line identified on the submitted survey plans.  You can apply online for electronic data to accurately plot the foreshore building line on your survey plans.

Check your property's FBL

Check that your property has a FBL

Apply for electronic data

Apply for electronic data of  FBL


$74 per application (increasing yearly as per Schedule of Fees and Charges).  The data will be provided within 3 business days. 

Required data format and projection

To complete your application the data format will need to be specified as either:

  • Autocad (or similar) DWG format (commonly used by surveyors, landscape architects, etc)
  • Text file format (also known as ascii point file), supplying the X, Y coordinates for FBL for manual addition to your plan, or
  • Both Autocad DWG format and Text file format together.

All of these data formats are provided in either Geocentric Datum of Australia 1994 (MGA94 Zone 56 Projection) or Geocentric Datum of Australia 2020  projection (MGA20 Zone 56 Projection). More information about GDA 1994 or GDA 2020 can be found here.

Please discuss with your expert regarding preferred file type and projection before making the application.

Data supplied

The data we supply is a series of points (X & Y coordinates) forming the FBL across the subject property. The plans requiring the FBL to be added (ie. survey plan, landscape architect plan, etc) will need to be in the same projection before overlaying this data. 

Example of SSLEP15 FBL map

Example of SSLEP15 FBL map

Extracted FBL (with line and points)

NB: lot boundaries not supplied)(NB: lot boundaries not supplied)

Extracted FBL (with line and points)

LEP 2015 and foreshore building lines

Read further information in the following LEP sections

FBLs (LEP 2015 key topics)

FBLs and waterfront development (LEP 2015 key topics)


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