Shire Gateway Path - Como

Replacement of the timber retaining wall along the pathway leading to the pedestrian bridge over Georges River.

Works start date: Jul 2019

Works end date: Nov 2019

Documents / Plans: Como Pathway Closure

Works location: 16R Como Parade, Como - runs within the T4 Illawarra railway corridor View on map

The Shire Gateway Path is open to the public.

Reason for works

Originally constructed of hardwood sleepers (from the old rail line) in 1985 as part of the associated works for re-opening the old Como Railway Bridge as a pedestrian link, the retaining wall has reached the end of its useful life and requires replacement.

This is a popular pedestrian path and cycleway (shared pathway) link to the recreational destination of Como Pleasure Grounds (a regionally significant area), nearby sports fields, marina and restaurants.

As such, this route encourages people to walk or cycle rather than drive and is an important link between local communities separated by the Georges River.  This active transport corridor forms part of Sutherland Shire Council’s Bike Plan and is a designated RMS regional route.

These works will improve the amenity along the shared pathway that links the Como Railway Bridge to Cremona Road, and bring renewed vigour to this entrance to Sutherland Shire.

Scope of works

These works will include:

  • Site clearing, removal of trees and trimming of branches
  • Removal and disposal of existing retaining walls
  • Construction of drainage works
  • Construction of footings and new retaining walls
  • Re-sheeting existing asphalt pavement
  • Minor landscaping and furnishings

Project schedule

The expected delivery milestones are:

  • Concept design - Completed
  • Community consultation - Completed
  • Detail design - Completed
  • Approvals - Completed
  • Tender - Completed
  • Site establishment - Completed
  • Expected project completion - Completed

Public impacts during construction

  • Works are continuing however the path is already open to the public.
  •  During the remaining works, the path will be narrowed and riders will need to dismount.
  • There may be some inconvenience to parking and vehicular access whilst materials are delivered to site.
  • These works may create additional noise and dust during construction as we undertake this necessary upgrade.

We understand that this work may have an impact on you and apologise for any inconvenience. We appreciate your cooperation and patience whilst we carry out these essential works.


This project is fully funded from Section 94 contributions.


Are there changes to parking?

There will be reduced parking to allow for equipment and material delivery to the site.

Was a detour considered?

Yes, a detour was considered through RailCorp land on top of the embankment, however this was ruled out as impractical following identification of numerous and significant hazards to the general public. Some of the significant hazards ranged from uneven ground, poor and unstable fencing, falls from height, lack of lighting, proximity to a power station and steep paths.

Who is the bridge owned by?

Sydney Water.

Is the access path on our land or RailCorp's?

The path is located on RailCorp land however, Sutherland Shire Council is responsible for maintenance of the shared path.

Why did it take so long to complete?

The path widening created risks to structural stability of the embankment which supported significant government assets, as well as heritage listed assets above, below and adjacent to the works.  Following professional advice, the works were carried out in short stages to ensure these assets were not compromised.

Are we working with Georges River Council?

Yes, we have consulted them and they are aware of our works.

Are there any plans for lighting?

There currently is lighting on the path. There are no upgrades to the lighting planned during these works.

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