Scylla Bay Oval Clubhouse and Amenities Building Replacement

Reconstruct a new clubhouse and amenities building above the flood level.

Works start date: Feb 2017

Works end date: Oct 2017

Documents / Plans: Site Plan
Architectural Drawings Extract
Letterbox - Construction Notice

Works location: 52 Cremona Road , Como View on map

Reason for works

The existing clubhouse and amenities building were built in 1962 on reclaimed land, approximately 1.5m above sea level. The Oval is located on an overland stormwater flow path and in significant weather events can be subjected to a combination of tidal inundation & escaping stormwater. The replacement facilities will be constructed on a platform above the flood level to protect the buildings.

Scope of works

The project works include:

  • Demolition of the existing facilities

  • Construct new clubhouse building No1
    • accommodating meeting room
    • amenities
    • canteen
    • office
    • ‘home’ team change room
    • gear store
    • a covered walkway

  • Construct new amenities building No 2
    • public toilets
    • an ‘away’ team change room
    • referee change room
    • cricket equipment store
    • and a covered walkway

  • Landscaping works

Project schedule

The delivery milestones are:

  • Commence site work  - early Feb 2017
  • Demolition of existing facilities  - early March 2017
  • Commence earth works  - mid March 2017
  • Pour concrete slabs - early May 2017
  • Commence wall framing - early June 2017
  • Lock up - end June 2017
  • Practical Completion  - 6 October 2017  

Public impacts during construction

Whilst we undertake this upgrade to the community facilities there will be some impact on our neighbours and we appreciate your patience and understanding.

  • Access to Playing Fields during the construction works is still available.
  • Alternative, temporary public toilet facilities will be in place during construction.
  • Please be aware that car parking space near the construction worksite will be limited.
  • Some equipment/ supplies may need to be delivered to the waterworks at night.  This will be kept to a minimum.
  • There may be minor utility service disruption to the Rowing Club from time to time.  Any disruption in service will be directly co-ordinated by the Contractor, with the club.

These works may create additional noise in the area and we apologise for the inconvenience this may cause.


This project is jointly funded by project partners; Sutherland Shire Council, NSW Office of Sport, National Rugby League and the Como Jannali Junior Ruby League Football Club.

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