Rawson Avenue - Stage 1 Old Princes Highway

Provision of a new shared pathway, including kerb and gutter between President Ave and railway underpass at Sutherland.

Works start date: Dec 2016

Works end date: Jul 2017

Works location: Princes Highway, Sutherland View on map

Reason for works

The works will improve accessibility and movement for motor vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists between Sutherland station, the town centre and the recreational, educational and employment facilities located to the south along Rawson Avenue.

The need to upgrade this section of road stems from:

  • The lack of appropriate footpath infrastructure between Sutherland Station and Loftus TAFE.
  • The deteriorating condition of the road shoulders and the absence of on-road and off-road cycling provisions.
  • The increasing transport and recreational demands.

The current works form Stage 1, of a larger project to upgrade Old Princes Highway / Rawson Avenue, from President Avenue to Pitt Street.

Scope of works

The project works include:

  • Relocation of power poles.
  • Installation of underground services.
  • Installation of new kerb and gutter.
  • New paved shared pathway along the eastern alignment.
  • New footpath and landscape works on the western side.

Project schedule

Overall Masterplan development has occurred as follows:

  • Initial concept plan for consultation - Sept 2014
  • Feedback from direct stakeholders and user groups - July /August 2015
  • Stage 1 - Park and Gray Streets upgrade - April 2016
  • Detailed masterplan development - July 2016 - Completed
  • Full community consultation on masterplan - August 2016 - Completed

The expected delivery milestones for construction are:

  • Power pole relocation - Dec 2016 to Feb 2017 - Completed
  • Electrical connection of power poles and new lights - Feb 2017 - Completed
  • Installation of stormwater drainage pipes (western alignment) - Mar 2017 - Completed
  • Preparation for new kerb and gutter (west) - Apr 2017 - Completed
  • Construction of shared pathway (west) - May 2017 - Completed
  • Landscape works (west) - June 2017 - Completed
  • Installation of stormwater drainage pipes (eastern alignment) - May 2017 - Completed
  • Preparation for new kerb and gutter (east) - May 2017 - Completed
  • Installation of new kerb and gutter (east) - June 2017 - Completed
  • Installation of working slab for paving (east) - June 2017 - Completed
  • Paving works (east) - late June 2017 - in progress
  • New gardens constructed & landscaped (east) - July 2017 - in progress

We appreciate your patience and understanding whilst we undertake the remaining works.

Public impacts during construction

There may be some minor traffic delays during construction.


This stage is jointly funded by Sutherland Shire Council from Section 94 funds and the Roads and Maritime Services under their Active Transport - Connecting Centres Program.

Project Background

Previous works within Park and Gray Street during 2016 were undertaken to provide additional parking in the adjoining road network and improve the traffic flow, in preparation for the current works.

The scheduled works were approved by Council in July 2016 following an extensive Community Consultation process. Direct consultation with key stakeholders including relevant sporting clubs, TAFE, University of Wollongong, Leisure Centre, SSHED and the Tramway Museum was undertaken during the development of the concept design.

Rawson Avenue and Old Princes Highway form the gateway to the major regional centre of Sutherland.  The multiple land-uses in this area which are supported by this transport corridor are of regional significance.  These works will provide improved facilities and amenity for all users, and visitors travelling to nearby venues.

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