Matson Crescent, Miranda – Footpath Construction

Construction of a concrete footpath for full length of Matson Crescent, Miranda.

Works start date: Jul 2016

Works end date: Jul 2017

Documents / Plans: Footpath Network - Matson Crescent link.pdf
Community Consultation Plan - street trees.pdf

Works location: Matson Crescent, Miranda View on map

Reason for works

A separate paved footpath will reduce the conflict between the overflow parking, vehicle traffic and pedestrians.  It will also:-

  • Improve connections within the footpath network.
  • Provide links to public transport (Miranda station).
  • Provide safe pedestrian route to nearby School.
  • Provide healthy lifestyle benefits & access to the Camellia Gardens & Kareena Reserve.

Matson Crescent is seen as a more desirable pedestrian route than the alternative President Avenue route because it is relatively level. It is less noisy and offers pleasing views of Yowie Bay to walkers.  Matson Crescent has a number of sharp bends and is often congested with parked cars.  Some pedestrians feel uncomfortable walking or having their young children, walk along the roadway.

Following invited community consulation Council sought the views of residents on the desirability of providing a paved footpath. 70% of all respondents to a survey indicated that they support the provision of a footpath and Council are now proceeding with the construction works.

The footpath will form part of the pedestrian network, linking to the Camellia Gardens and Laguna Street Public School through Kareena Park.  It will provide pedestrian access to Miranda Station and Miranda Shopping Centre through President Avenue Reserve and Kirkby Place.


Scope of works

The footpath will:

  • generally be constructed adjacent to the existing kerb
  • have a minimum width of 1.2m

Where necessary and feasible, the footpath will curve to avoid existing trees.  In the case of two major trees close to the existing kerb, the kerb will be realigned to address existing problems with kerb uplift allowing the footpath to be constructed without tree removal.

Minor landscaping works associated with the footpath construction and replacement tree plantings will be undertaken.


Project schedule

The delivery milestones are:

  • Concept Design: March 2016 - Completed.
  • Stakeholder Engagement: with immediately adjoining residents April 2016 - Completed.
  • Design Development: May 2016 - Completed.
  • Community Consultation: July to 8 August, 2016 - Completed.
  • Detailed Design & Construction of footpath: August 2016 - Completed.
  • Detailed Design for Kareena Road (Camellia Gardens Access): December 2016 - Completed.
  • Procurement for construction of remaining components - Feb 2017 - Completed.
  • Construction Kareena Road access to Camellia Gardens: expected to commence mid June 2017.
  • Expected Practical Completion: end July 2017.

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