Cronulla Public Domain Master Plan

Council is preparing a Master Plan aimed at improving the amenity of the Cronulla Town Centre's public domain.

Works start date: Jul 2016

Works end date: Sep 2017

Documents / Plans: Study Area Map.pdf

Works location: View on map


Council is committed to working with the community throughout the process of public domain improvement in Cronulla. The Cronulla Public Domain Master Plan is the next major step in this process. The Master Plan:

  • builds on the fresh ideas generated by the 2014 Cronulla Design Ideas Competition
  • works toward achieving the goals established in the subsequent Cronulla Public Domain Strategy
  • addresses ongoing challenges surrounding traffic, parking, pedestrian movement and the amenity of the Cronulla Plaza.

Council has engaged a specialist consultant team led by Gallagher Studio to prepare the Master Plan and to fully engage with the community. Community engagement for the project commenced in November 2016 and is ongoing.  See below for details on how you can be involved.


The purpose of the Master Plan is to facilitate a more connected and vibrant Cronulla Centre, recognising Cronulla's importance as a town centre and visitor destination.


The objectives of the Master Plan are to:

  • maintain and enhance Cronulla's distinctive place qualities
  • support Cronulla's role as a town centre and important visitor destination
  • enhance the amenity and accessibility of the Cronulla Centre's public domain
  • provide a comprehensive approach to the long-term development of the public domain within the Cronulla Centre


    The Master Plan will:

    • produce an overall design concept to enhance Cronulla Centre’s public domain
    • contain proposals to improve local area traffic management and parking
    • inform future detail design and construction of public domain works


      Stage 1 - Research and Analysis (completed)

      Aug/Sep 2016 - A detailed understanding of Cronulla is gained through research and analysis.

      Stage 2 - Principles and Ideas (completed)

      Sep/Oct 2016 - Principles and ideas to guide the Master Plan are developed.

      Oct/Nov 2016 - Community consultation on '7 Guiding Principles' and '7 Big Ideas'.

      Stage 3 - Draft Master Plan (completed)

      May 2017 - The draft Master Plan is prepared. Council to endorse public exhibition.

      Stage 4 - Public Exhibition

      Jun/Jul 2017 - The draft Master Plan is exhibited and the responses of the community are received.

      Stage 5 - Final Master Plan

      Sept 2017 - The draft Master Plan is finalised in response to community feedback.  The final Master Plan is presented to Council for endorsement.


      This project is funded by Sutherland Shire Council from the Shopping Centres Upgrade Program.

      Have Your Say

      Your feedback on the Cronulla Public Domain Master Plan can play a vital role in Cronulla's future.  We welcome your thoughts and comments on the draft Master Plan when it is exhibited in April 2017.

      Further details of the exhibition process will be announced soon.

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