Decks and Patios

If after checking that your development cannot be done under exempt development, you may wish to submit your application under complying development.  

The NSW General Housing Code also contains provision for complying development and you can enquire online using the Electronic Housing Code

Check complying development options - Electronic Housing Code

2015 Local Environment Plan

Council's 2015 LEP has now been adopted which means most complying development will need to be applied for under the SEPP (State Environmental Planning Policy (Exempt & Complying).

Find out more about changes to complying development applications under council's new LEP

Complying development certificates

complying development certificate can be issued for decks and patios that meet relevant criteria (see SEPP provisions for further information). A construction certificate is not required when a complying development certificate is issued.

If the full assessment of an application identifies your work as not being complying development, you will then need to lodge a development application.

Apply for a complying development certificate


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Complying Development Certificate Zoning Certificate 149(2) Zoning Certificate 149(2)(5)



Zoning Certificate 149(2) Zoning Certificate 149(2)(5) Complying Development Certificate

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