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What is a Driveway?

A driveway is a vehicular access point for a property adjacent to a road or street crossing over a verge, nature strip and/or footpath. In most cases the driveway is formed from the kerb or edge of the carriageway to the property boundary.

Under the Roads Act 1993, an application and Council consent is required for each footpath/gutter crossing or point of vehicular access to a property.

New Driveways and Alterations to Existing Driveways

For all new driveways and alterations to existing driveways Council seeks to:

  • ensure the driveway is located for the safest entry and exit to the road.
  • minimise the risk of damage to standard cars using the driveway - minimise scraping that may occur
  • ensure that the Council footpath and verge area is not a hazard to members of the public by making sure that it is not too uneven or too steep
  • manage stormwater within the roadway by using levels that minimise water entering private property from the street via the drive
  • ensure the safe movement of pedestrians using the road and footpath
  • avoid conflict with existing infrastructures, such as signs, poles, drains in the kerb, street trees and other road features such as roundabouts, medians etc.

A different form is required to be submitted depending on your needs. Each application requires the payment of a design and inspection fee.

Driveway Application for single dwellings

Driveway Application for Multiple Dwellings including Dual Occupancies

Authorised Vehicle Crossing Contractor Form

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Frequently Asked Questions

A driveway application is required to ensure that work in Council's footpath verge complies with the relevant standards and Council's policies and that the safety of all road users, including pedestrians and cyclists, are protected both during and after construction.

  • Construction of a driveway without a Council approved design, may result in an infringement notice, and in some cases, the work may need to be demolished and reconstructed at your cost.
  • Where the occupant fails to take action to demolish an unauthorised vehicular crossing, Council’s officers may reconstruct the unauthorised vehicular crossing to Council’s standards and specifications and will recover all cost through legal process.

In accordance with the Roads Act 1993, the owner of a property is responsible for the costs relating to provision or maintenance of a driveway crossing.

Only Council approved vehicle crossing contractors may construct vehicle crossings and undertake associated works. No one else is permitted to carry out excavation or any other part of this work.

  • Only concreters approved by Council can be used to undertake works on Council’s Road Reserves. Sutherland Shire Council has an approved list of authorised concrete vehicular contractors who can build your driveway.
  • Should the owner/builder/developer wish to use a Contractor not on the list, the Contractor will need to apply to be placed on the list by completing the on-line form, Authorised Vehicle Crossing Contractor Form, and submitting the required attachments.

  • All second driveway applications will be assessed by Council’s Development Planning Unit.
  • A second driveway will only be considered if the applicant has a frontage greater than 20m in width, and the proposed spacing between driveways is greater than 6m
  • Applications for a second driveway will need to provide a scaled drawing of the property frontage and meet Council’s current Landscaping Ratio control for the front set back area for the resulting private property hardstand area proposed in conjunction with the second driveway works.

  • To arrange a vehicle crossing inspection phone Sutherland Shire Council, (Monday to Friday between 8.30am and 4.30pm on 9710 0538 or 9710 0136) 48 hours before the inspection is required.
  • Generally, your Council approved vehicle crossing contractor arranges the formwork inspections.

  • Where two or more properties share an accessway it is still the owners’ responsibility to construct the accessway.
  • A minimum standard of 200mm crushed road base material is to be provided. Ideally a concrete surface would be provided to minimize maintenance cost and works.
  • Council will take over maintenance of a shared accessway only after it has been constructed.

If you wish to become an approved contractor, contact Council on 9710 0333 or complete the online form and supply the required documentation.

  • An approval to construct a vehicle crossing on Council’s footpath is required under Section 138 of the Road Act 1993.
  • If you wish to re-instate your vehicle crossing, you will be required to submit an application form, either a Driveway Application for single dwellings or a Driveway Application for Multiple Dwellings including Dual Occupancies form. Council’s inspectors will then provide new boundary levels.
  • If you wish to make changes to your vehicle access, for example you wish to change the location of the vehicular crossing, you will be required to give a sketch of your proposed driveway location indicating approximate side boundary locations and street frontage, if on a corner property.
  • For more information regarding these issues, contact customer service on 9710 0333. If a development application is required, an application for street levels is to be made prior to the issue of any Construction Certificate.

The standard width requirement for driveways is 3.5 metres. If a driveway is for a corner block, it should begin at least 6 metres from the corner. The 6 metres is measured from the tangent point of the kerb.

In this case, the owner does not need to contact Council for approval or levels as the will have been approved in the creation of the access roadway.

However as a guide, a single residential vehicular crossings should be constructed as a minimum of 100mm thick, 32 MPa concrete and a SL72 mesh on a 50mm thick sand with a compacted base.

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