Applying for an ePadDwell – Single Dwelling Houses

For a relatively small fee ePadDwell provides a quick emailed response with relevant advice for anyone contemplating a new dwelling (whether bespoke or by a project home builder.

An ePadDwell is not a pre-approval.  It is assistance in ensuring the relevant controls are appropriately addressed.  The subsequent DA remains subject to the legislated assessment process.  

For alterations and additions to a dwelling seek advice from Council’s duty planner, for multi unit dwellings (such as dual occupancy, town house / villa or residential flat buildings)  apply for a more formal Pre Application Discussion

Many residential house lots in the Sutherland Shire have unique characteristics – such as shape, frontage, slope or an environmental constraint such as bushfire hazard or flooding.

Provide a sketch plans on your site, to scale, and receive comment on one or two critical planning and design issues, such as setbacks, or driveway crossing. A subsequent application that addresses the issues identified will be resourced promptly.

If the request concerns a new lot in an unregistered subdivision please provide sufficient information, such as future street address or future lot and DP so that the correct site can be identified.

Applying for an ePadDwell  


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