Certificates and Permits

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Access to Fire Trails or Reserves

Information about the application process to access fire trails or reserves for the purposes of building work, tree removal etc.

Planning Certificate (149/10.7)

To find out the zoning of a particular block of land, you can apply to council for a planning certificate 10.7.

BASIX - Building Sustainability Index

BASIX is a mandatory certificate under the EPA Act for all development approvals in NSW. Use the NSW Planning & Environment online BASIX assessment tool.

Building Information Certificate

A building information certificate is usually needed when buying or selling a property, or after unauthorised development has been carried out on a site.

Bushfire (BAL) Certificate

You will need a bushfire certificate if you are planning on doing complying development in bush fire prone land.

Complying Development Certificate

Before any work on a proposed complying development can commence, a certificate of complying development must be issued. You can engage council's certification services for this work.

Construction Certificate

A construction certificate is an approval to make sure building plans and specifications comply with the various codes and standards. You can engage council's certification services for this work.

Public Domain Services

Carrying out work on driveways, footpaths and roads.

Fire Safety

Owners of buildings such as commercial or industrial premises and residential flat buildings etc, have a legal obligation to ensure that all fire safety measures installed on the premises are maintained in good working condition at all times. This involves Council being provided with Fire Safety Certificate and annual Statements.

Flood Information

Flood information and application form.

Occupation Certificate

The legal occupation of a building is only permitted when the final occupation certificate is issued. You can engage council's certification services for this work.

Pool Certificate of Compliance

Council can inspect your pool and if it is compliant, a certificate will be issued that is valid for 3 years unless safety concerns arise.

Wood Heaters and Fire Places

Installing wood heaters and fire places correctly to avoid creating air pollution.

Use of Council Land

Guidelines for the use of Council land such as unclosed road / laneway / drainage reserve / footpath / airspace adjoining your property.

Applying for an ePadDwell – Single Dwelling Houses

Provide sketch plans for your new home and receive general feedback on one or two critical issues only – such as setbacks or driveway crossing. Height, Landscape and Floor Space Area must comply with the relevant LEP standards. Only available for single dwelling houses (not alts and adds or multi unit dwellings). Especially helpful for project homes, houses in a new subdivision or sites with unusual features (ie multiple frontages, steep / sloping topography, environmental factors)

Owners Consent for Council owned/Crown land

Owners Consent for Council owned/Crown land

Crown Lands Domestic Waterfront Licence

Information and Guidelines from NSW Government Crown Lands for landholders with a Crown Lands Domestic Waterfront Licence

Access to Fire Trail or Reserve Building Certificate Bush Fire Certificate Complying Development Certificate Construction Certificate Fire Safety Certificate Annual Fire Safety Statement Flood Control Certificate Pool Certificate of Compliance Planning Certificate (2) Only

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