Updated Visual Identity

Published On 18 April 2017 at 08:00 PM

As the 250th anniversary of the landing of the Endeavour at Kurnell approaches, Sutherland Shire Council is refining its visual identity featuring Captain Cook’s image for the digital age. The updated Council logo has a sharper styling of Cook, overcoming the problems of the logo presenting poorly on a digital screen and losing identity when displayed in small size.

While the change is minor, the updated logo better acknowledges Cook’s historic role which will be marked with the 250th anniversary of his landing on 29 April 2020. During the most recent rendering of the logo in 2008, the size of Captain Cook’s image was reduced in favour of Council’s name and the round logo became elongated and uneven. The updated logo restores Cook’s prominence and the circular shape, making it more legible, especially when used beside other organisation’s logos.

As Council moves more of its business to a digital platform it is increasingly important to ensure all graphics, including its logo, are legible and meet accessibility requirements. The refined logo better distinguishes Cook’s image and appears cleaner on a digital screen. Furthermore it enables Council to modernise its visual identity and remain relevant across Council’s communication channels.

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