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Published On 28 July 2017 at 03:15 PM

Update - 28 July 2017

Q&A Women’s Rest Centre

 Why is the Women’s Rest Centre being demolished?

  • Hearing our community’s desire for spaces for all to rest and play, we’re creating a temporary playground on the Centre site which will complement the new shade umbrellas, tables and chairs and free public wifi in the area.
  • This is something we can provide now, while we develop the Cronulla Masterplan which will ensure a revitalised town centre which celebrates what our community loves about Cronulla, intended to create a vibrant and energetic 21st century space.
  • The Rest Centre, while much loved, was rated by the Australia Breast Feeding Association as three-star, given its condition and age.
  • Cronulla Central, a short walk from the Rest Centre, offers a five-star rated parents’ room, public toilet facilities, a modern library with open plan access to an adjoining café and community support services.

What will the rest centre be replaced with?

  • A playground will be installed to offer the community places to ‘stay and play’ in Cronulla.

What will it look like?

playground web.jpg

Here's the artist impression of the new playground.

New Cronulla Playground.jpg

Artists impression including the shade sail and fencing for the new playground.


When will the new playground be ready for use?

  • Once safety assessments are complete and approvals are in hand, demolition will commence with the aim of having a new playground ready for use within two months.

How long will the temporary playground be in place?

  • This playground can be used by the community at the site until longer term ‘play opportunities’ identified in the Masterplan, are delivered.

Where can parents go to use clean facilities for their children?

  • A parents’ room is located in Cronulla Central - a short distance from the Women’s Rest Centre and provides facilities for parents to change and feed their children.
  • The facility is accessed by ramp and located close to Cronulla Library with lift access to the carpark. This facility has been rated by the Australia Breast Feeding Association as five-star.
Cronulla Parents Room 1.jpg

Image: Parents Room in Cronulla Central

A lot of people are saying that the Women’s Rest Centre wasn’t just used by parents, but also by older people needing a place to rest. What will happen to them?

  • The safe and modern facilities and spaces in Cronulla Central provide opportunities for all age demographics.
  • Cronulla library, located and easy walk from the Rest Centre, offers open plan spaces, integrating casual cafe seating within the library, as well as free public wi-fi as a meeting place.  
Cronulla Library 1a.jpg

Image: Cronulla Library


There are number of seating areas in the mall, and new free standing tables and chairs, and fixed umbrellas provided adjacent to the new playground.

Cronulla Mall 1a.JPG

Image: Cronulla Plaza free seating tables, chairs and outdoor umbrellas.


Where can people get professional help if they need it?

Support services are available nearby and include:

  • Social Support Services - BeConnected- Level 3, 38- 60 Croydon Road, Cronulla (Cronulla Central) phone: 9544 0104
  • Support for Parents - Sutherland Shire Child and Family Health Centres - 37 Nicholson Parade Cronulla, phone: 9523 5927

A petition has been started. Will Council take this into consideration?

  •   We  respect every person' right to have a voice, but ask for understanding as we cater for the needs of all in our community. In this context, all feedback informs the long term planning as part of the Cronulla Public Domain Masterplan.

Why hasn’t the Women’s Rest Centre been included in discussions about the Masterplan prior to this?

  • The Masterplan is intended to look at the overall long term future of Cronulla, setting the tone for future public works and improvements to public domain areas.
  • The current changes ensure that we offer places to play, with a new playground, as well as places to rest, the library / café and places for care, parents change facility and professional support services, all within Cronulla Plaza.



Q&A Cronulla Masterplan

What is the Draft Cronulla Public Domain Masterplan?

  • The Masterplan (addressing medium and long term needs of the community) has been designed with community consultation to create a vibrant and energetic 21st century space.
  • It was developed with a comprehensive community consultation program with over 600 people.

When will it be on exhibition?

  •  Due to timing and resources, the Masterplan will now be on exhibition from 1-30 September 2017.

How much is all this going to cost?

  •  Delivered over long-term, the capital works program proposed has been estimated at $28.5 million.

Where is that money coming from?

  • Various funding sources are available including: general revenue, the Cronulla special rate levy, government grants, and developer contributions (via section 94 contributions or voluntary planning agreements).

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