New Information Booklet to Help Solve Noxious Weeds Problems

Published On 25 August 2015 at 12:00 AM

Long considered to be an issue for rural areas, noxious weeds also pose significant problems for urban communities. To increase public awareness of the issue Sutherland Shire Council has produced an information resource to assist residents in recognising and removing noxious weeds in the Shire.

“The Shire’s bushland areas are maintained by Council staff and over 1,300 volunteers through Council programs such as Bushcare and Greenweb. A significant part of this management involves the control of environmental and noxious weeds,” said Sutherland Shire Councillor, Kevin Schreiber.

“Shire residents have always been environmentally conscious and this new resource will complement the information that’s available on council’s website and hopefully result in more awareness of weeds and how to reduce the impact they have on our local environment. 

“The more people who understand the problems caused by noxious weeds, the more chance we have of discouraging their propagation, which will lead to better management of the issue,” he said.

Issues such as land degradation, allergenic weeds and deterioration of the environment are all associated with noxious weeds and are a concern to the community.

“There are many stakeholders that need to work together to combat the problem of noxious weeds using effective and legal weed control practices,” said Cr Schreiber.

Tips for assisting in weed reduction include using local native species or non-invasive species when planting, using compost bins or Council’s green waste bins to dispose of garden waste, learning about appropriate control measures and staying up to date with the most current noxious weed declarations for the Shire.

“As well as helping deal with these problems through volunteering in Bushcare, or joining the Shire’s Greenweb Network, residents can also seek advice from council staff to identify noxious weeds. There is an online form on council’s website and we ask them to attach photos of the suspected weed to help with identification and advice on how to best deal with it,” he said.

The Noxious Weeds information booklet is available at all council libraries across the Shire or you can download a low resolution version. 

Noxious Weeds in Sutherland Shire Information Booklet

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