Future options for South Village community facilities under consideration

Published On 20 March 2017 at 08:00 PM

Sutherland Shire Council considered a report outlining options for the open space and community facilities to be provided on the South Village site in Kirrawee, formerly the Brick Pit, at the Council meeting on Monday 20 March 2017.
Under the development approval from the NSW Planning and Assessment Commission, the developers of South Village are required to dedicate an area of public open space to the Shire community as well as provide space for community facilities within the South Village footprint. 
The report (SER019-17) details an offer for a 2500sqm library within the parkland on the South Village site. Following debate at the Council meeting, it was resolved to review the implications of transferring the existing central library at Sutherland to the South Village site at Kirrawee. The resolution also directs the General Manager to examine the value of the proposal to the Shire community.
“It is clear by applicable industry benchmarks that the existing 25 year old Sutherland library is inadequate and an opportunity to provide a superior facility for the community is worth serious consideration,” said Sutherland Shire Mayor, Carmelo Pesce.
Any building proposal within the proposed parkland would require endorsement from the Office of Environment and Heritage and this would be one of the matters considered. 
“A brand new central Shire library of sufficient scale with new technology and information services certainly sounds attractive, but it is early days and there is quite a bit of feasibility work to be done before any decisions are made,” said the Mayor. 
The final outcome in relation to the community facilities and parkland will be agreed in a Voluntary Planning Agreement (VPA) between Council and the developers. 
“The VPA process allows Council to evaluate the elements of the project which offer community benefit and how best to facilitate these. That’s the process that we are working through now and it’s our priority to ensure that the direction we take provides the best possible outcomes for the community,” the Mayor said. 


For up-to-date information about this project, see: http://www.sutherlandshire.nsw.gov.au/Development/Non-Council-Projects/South-Village-Kirrawee-Brick-Pit

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