Draft Delivery and Operational Plans Endorsed For Public Exhibition

Published On 17 May 2017 at 12:00 PM


To submit feedback for Council's Draft Delivery and Operational Plans, visit the Join the Conversation website.

At its meeting on Monday 15 May, Sutherland Shire Council released a comprehensive suite of strategies, including the Delivery Program, Operational Plan and Resourcing Strategy, outlining its commitment to supporting the quality of life in Sutherland Shire now and into the future. The Plans are on exhibition from 18 May until 14 June for the community to provide feedback.
The plans provide a path to achieving the goals of the long-term Community Strategic Plan (CSP) through service delivery and management of Council’s $2 billion infrastructure portfolio over the four year term of Council.
“Last year we undertook a community survey and residents said they wanted to be more informed about and participate in the decisions of Council,” said Sutherland Shire Mayor, Carmelo Pesce. “We were given feedback on what is important to our residents, what we do well and how we can improve. This feedback has been taken on board through our draft plans.
“Our community values our environment and our sense of community, we love our active lifestyle and we want a prosperous future. We know Council’s role in infrastructure provision means our decisions today impact not only this generation but future generations, so it is critical that we are responsible custodians and leave a positive legacy. That’s why it’s important to take a long-term approach to planning,” said the Mayor.
“We know that Council does face some financial challenges in the future, including an infrastructure backlog which will only worsen if it is not addressed. We have an asset portfolio worth in excess of $2 billion. These assets exist to support the services we provide to the community, so it’s critical that they are properly maintained and renewed.
“Over the course of the next year we will invest in excess of $45 million on capital projects including $16.5 million on asset renewals, $11.1 million on upgrades and $6.5 million on new infrastructure,” the Mayor said.
“We intend to improve Council’s long-term financial position and tackle our infrastructure backlog by engaging with the community to get a better understanding of the services and facilities they value and desire. This will be a focus of our community engagement over the coming year and I encourage everyone to get involved,” the Mayor said.
Supporting the Delivery Program and Operational Plan is a Resourcing Strategy, which incorporates an Asset Management Strategy, Long-Term Financial Strategy and Workforce Strategy. As the name suggests, these documents outline how the services within the Delivery Program will be resourced. The Long-Term Financial Strategy spanning the next 10 years offered Council four models to consider to meet the commitments outlined in the Delivery Program and contribute to achieving the community’s vision for Sutherland Shire.
“Building financial strength term will enable Council to provide the services and infrastructure that the community wants now and into the future,” said the Mayor. “I encourage the community to review the Delivery Program and Operational Plan as well as the Resourcing Strategy to gain a better understanding of the decisions Council is making to ensure we can all continue to enjoy living, working and playing in Sutherland Shire. We value your participation in this process and the feedback you provide.”
The Delivery Program, Operational Plan and Resourcing Strategy will be placed on public exhibition on Thursday 18 May. Copies will be available online, in Council’s Administration Centre in Sutherland and at Shire libraries. Visit sutherlandshire.nsw.gov.au to view a copy and provide your feedback.

Highlights of the 2017/18 Budget - $45,682,782 Capital Works Program

  • $18,645,103 for the Transport Infrastructure Program
    • $10,140,000 for the Roads Construction Program
    • $2,903,000 for footpaths across the Shire
    • $2,350,000 for the Shopping Centre Upgrade Program
    • $3,601,000 for cycleways
      • $400,000 for the Como Shire Gateway Path
      • $2,951,000 for the Woolooware Bay Stage IV (including boardwalk)
  • $4,030,000 on Parks and playgrounds
    • $520,000 for Barden Ridge Park
    • $200,000 for Cronulla Coast Walkway Extension (Don Lucas Reserve)
    • $300,000 for Stage II of Joseph Banks Native Reserve (Picnic area and pond)
    • $750,000 for the Silver Beach east/west pathway connection
    • $125,000 for Friendship Place Reserve in Illawong
    • $150,000 for Narnia Park in Alfords Point 
  • $3,481,000 Waterways
    • $300,000 for Bonnet Bay Pontoon and Carpark Upgrade
    • $300,000 for Gunnamatta Bay Baths refurbishment
    • $1,450,000 for Stage II of Old Ferry Road Reserve upgrade
    • $556,000 for the Tonkin Oval Boat Ramp and Wharf Upgrade
  • $2,140,368 for Stormwater infrastructure
  • $1,682,000 on Natural Areas Management
  • $1,360,000 for sporting fields
    • $250,000 for the BMX Facility at the Ridge Sports Complex
  • $1,285,000 for Bushfire stations and SES facilities 
    • $1,200,000 on replacement of Sandy Point RFS building
  • $1,200,000 for new library resources
  • $805,000 on Leisure Centre improvements and renovations
  • $625,000 to be spent on renewing and refurbishing Early Education Centres
  • $440,000 on public toilets and sporting amenities

Snapshot of Sutherland Shire Council’s $2 billion asset portfolio

Roads & Footpaths
  • More than 800km of roads
  • 6.8 million square metres of road pavement
  • More than 400km of footpaths
  • 27km of shared pathways
Stormwater & Waterways
  • 612km of stormwater pipes
  • 219 water quality devices
  • 2101 stormwater headwalls
  • 4.5km of culverts
Buildings & Structures
  • 569 buildings and structures
  • 62 Administration, Depot, Service Support Buildings
  • 35 Commercial & Retail Buildings
  • 9 Surf Life Savings Clubs
  • 27 Rural Fire Service and SES Facilities
  • 70 Public toilets and amenities buildings
  • 8 Libraries
  • 149 Community/Sporting Organisation Facilities
  • 14 Leisure and Indoor Recreation Buildings
  • 2 Regional Arts & Entertainment Buildings
  • 41 Community Halls and Centres
  • 43 Children’s Services buildings
Open Space Recreation & Leisure Assets
  • 16 boat ramps
  • 995 parks
  • 9 tidal pools
  • 119 Sports fields
  • 640 hectares of natural areas
  • 143 playgrounds
  • 13.3km of beaches

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