5 Ways To Fight The ‘War on Waste’ This Christmas

Published On 18 December 2017 at 07:00 AM

We know you’re very mindful when it comes to recycling and protecting the environment in our Sutherland Shire. Unfortunately, Christmas can be a time when we unknowingly create extra waste.

 Here are five ways you can fight the ‘war on waste’ this Christmas. You may even save some money in the process.

 Real Christmas Tree

Many of you may have chosen to buy a real Christmas tree this year. It probably displays beautifully. But what happens when the festive season is over, and you need to dispose of it? Well, depending on the tree’s size, there are two ways you can go about it. A small tree can be cut into smaller pieces and thrown into your green bin - ready for the next collection. But if your tree is on the big side, you can take it to Council’s free wood chipping service at Miranda on Saturday 6 January 2018.

 Conscious Gift Giving

It’s so exciting when everyone is buying and exchanging gifts. But hold on, are we considering how they’re impacting the environment? There's an opportunity to look for presents that are environmentally friendly. It’s worth checking the tags and labels on the items for more information and doing your research before buying. An environmentally conscious option for gift buying can be ‘experiences’ such as (online) vouchers for beauty therapies, massages, concert and event tickets, etc.

 Gift Wrapping

Dispose of your paper wrapping, cards and cardboard boxes in your yellow recycling bin or reuse them whenever possible. Any excess cardboard or paper that doesn't fit into your bin, you can drop off at the Visy Recycling Facility at Taren Point.

And why not get creative - use newspaper and paper bags for gift wrapping and seal them off with a reusable ribbon instead of sticky tape. Children's artworks also make great wrapping for presents and add a personal touch.


Most of us love our tech gadgets and cannot live without them. We even upgrade our smartphones, iPads and TVs as soon as a new, flashier model comes out. A good recycling idea is to pass on our older items to a friend or neighbour who needs it. And why not be on the receiving end - say yes to hand-me-downs.

 Dispose of any unwanted electronics by taking them to the Lucas Heights Resource Recovery Centre at Lucas Heights.

 Recycling Glass, Bottles, Jars and Cans

During this silly season, we’ll be getting together with our loved ones and eating and drinking more. Often, we’re left with more food scraps, glasses, bottles, containers, etc., than our bins can sometimes handle. It’s important to remember that not all glass can go into the recycling bin. Some glass bottles, jars and cans can usually be recycled, but crockery, ovenproof glass or drinking glasses need to go in a regular rubbish bin.

 Give containers that have food residue a quick rinse as those that are still left with food on them end up as landfill.

 You can also take your beer, wine and champagne bottles to your nearest depot and get a refund.

 Plastic Bags

We also end up with so many more plastic bags of the good and bad type. They’re sticking out of the drawers – how horrific some would argue. To combat the plastic bag epidemic, it’s best to take the same sizeable, recyclable bag every time you go shopping. Drop off any extra plastic bags at your local supermarket. .

 And note some soft plastics create problems at kerb side recycling facilities so never place recyclables in plastic bags.


For more information on where to find recycling and waste facilities for different types of items in our Sutherland Shire, visit our Recycling and Disposal Directory.

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