MEDIA RELEASE - Trial changes to pre-booked clean up waste collection set to deliver better, fairer service to local residents

Published On 21 December 2020 at 05:00 PM

Sutherland Shire Council is forging ahead with a number of changes to its pre-booked kerbside clean up waste collection service aimed at delivering a more timely and equitable service to residents throughout the Sutherland Shire.

Under a 12 month trial, Council will introduce a three cubic metre waste limit per clean up service and refinements to the online booking system to enable improved service delivery no matter where in the Sutherland Shire you live.

Council is also initiating further education with the community on the types of waste that should not be disposed of through the pre-booked clean-up waste collection service, such as building waste.

The changes are set to deliver a host of benefits to Council and local residents, including;

  • Reducing the tonnage of waste sent to landfill, promoting better environmental outcomes,
  • Enhancing customer service via the introduction of an improved online booking system,
  • Increased safety for Council staff as a result of manageable waste volumes per service with appropriate separation and presentation of materials (eg: mattresses and metals separated from general household waste),
  • Delivering consistent services across all suburbs with reduced wait times for bookings in line with adopted service standards and community expectations, and;
  • Improving the allocation of resources (both staff & fleet vehicles) through better managing known quantities of domestic clean-up waste volumes per household service.

    Sutherland Shire Mayor, Councillor Steve Simpson, said that he hoped these measures would not only see local residents enjoy better access to this waste collection service, but would also help ensure they are better informed on how to safely dispose of waste.

     “Council delivers a whole range of waste collection services to our community, from regular household waste collection to scheduled hazardous waste and e-waste collection services, with each service designed to ensure local residents can appropriately and responsibly dispose of their waste,” Mayor Simpson said.

    “These new changes will ensure that we can continue to deliver one of our most in-demand waste collection services in a more efficient, timely and evenhanded fashion to households right across the Sutherland Shire."

    Another key change to be implemented as part of the trial is a three cubic metre limit on the waste that can be put out for disposal for each individual pre-booked kerbside collection, a measure which is aimed at delivering a more efficient service and one that poses less risk to Council waste services staff.

    “While the vast majority of local residents do the right thing by limiting the waste they put out for kerbside collection, staff who conduct these collections are still regularly confronted with huge masses of waste, often including building materials and other hazardous items that poses a real risk to their safety,” Mayor Simpson said.

    “By placing a generous limit on the amount of waste that residents can put out for kerbside collection, Sutherland Shire Council comes into line with the service standard offered by most other Sydney councils and better protects our staff from sustaining serious injury on the job.

    These changes were initiated by an internal review of Council’s pre-booked clean up waste collection service, and will be subject to further review at the conclusion of the 12 month trial period.

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