Rates Concessions and Rebates

Find out if you are eligible for the following concessions and rebates in the Rates Assistance and Hardship Policy.

Pensioner rebates

To apply for a pensioner rates rebate complete the pensioner concession application and lodge it at the customer service centre with your pensioner concession card. If you are unable to get to the customer service centre contact our rates team on 9710 0585.

Pensioner Rates Concession Application

Eligible pensioners may be entitled to 2 rebates in respect of their combined rates/domestic waste bill.

  • A maximum rebate of $250. This rebate is funded 45% by the council and 55% by the state government.
  • A further voluntary rebate to a maximum of $105 is funded 100% by council. You will need to have been a ratepayer in the Shire for three years to qualify.
  • Pensioners are asked to pay, as a minimum, their waste service charge. 

Deferment of rates

    Eligible pensioners may also apply for a deferment of rates for the balance of their account to be paid when the property is sold, passed to estate or on termination of a pension concession card.

    If you have been previously eligible, the amount will be already deducted on your rate notice.

    Pensioner Deferment of Rates Application

    Financial hardship

    Council has the discretion to defer, reduce or waive the payment of rates and/or accrued interest in circumstances where payment would cause the ratepayer substantial hardship.

    Ratepayers must complete an hardship rate relief application detailing their financial position that would  be assessed by council officers.  Hardship applications are generally available only for exceptional circumstances.

    Hardship Rate Relief Application


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    Enquiries can be directed to Rates Hotline on 9710 0585 or ssc@ssc.nsw.gov.au

    Pensioner Rates Concession Pensioner Deferrment of Rates Hardship Rate Relief

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