How your Rates are Calculated


Council calculates your rates by multiplying the applicable rate-in-the-dollar (categorised as either Business or Residential) with your land value as notified by the Valuer general.

The total rates income Council can collect each year is bound by the rate-pegging limit set by the NSW Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) which is set at 2.7% for the 2019/2020 financial year. Under the provisions of the Local Government Act 1993 (NSW), a special variation allows a council to increase its general income above the rate peg.  In May 2019, the IPART approved a special rate variation to increase the minimum rate in the Sutherland Shire from 1 July 2019 to $900.

All ratepayers will experience an increase as a result of the annual rate peg increase of 2.7% as set by IPART.    For anyone whose residential rates have previously been above the new minimum of $900 per annum, the increase will only be the standard rate peg of 2.7%.

Anyone previously paying under the new minimum of $900 will see an increase to $900 in 2019/2020.  This includes the standard rate peg increase of 2.7%.

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How to Read your Rates

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What else is included on my rates notice

In addition to your rates, your notice has charges for Domestic Waste Collection and Stormwater Management Services. 

Domestic Waste Collection -  includes your weekly garbage, fortnightly recycling/green waste and clean ups.  

Stormwater Management Services - Council uses this levy to improve the health of our waterways, upgrade stormwater infrastructure, reduce flooding,  and to promote reuse and harvesting of stormwater.

Rates and charges to apply for the 2019/20 year are as tabled below: 

Residential rates

Rate type Rate-in-the-dollar of land value Minimum rate payable
Ordinary rate 0.00196965 $900.00

Business rates

Rate type Rate-in-the-dollar of land value Minimum rate payable
Ordinary rate 0.00433292 $900.00
Kurnell industrial rate 0.00649939 $900.00
Kurnell Finished Fuel Terminal Facility 0.02166462 $900.00
Caringbah Commercial Centre 0.00433292 $900.00
Cronulla Commercial Centre  0.00433292 $900.00
Engadine Commercial Centre 0.00454957 $900.00
Menai Commercial Centre  0.00519951 $900.00
Miranda Commercial Centre  0.00433292 $900.00
Miranda Core Major Shopping Complex 0.01034977 $900.00
Sutherland Commercial Centre  0.00433292 $900.00
Sylvania Southgate Commercial Centre  0.00519951 $900.00
Menai Quarrying & Filling  0.00649939 $900.00
Kurnell Sand Mining  0.02383108 $900.00

Special rates

Rate type Rate-in-the-dollar of land value Minimum rate payable
Cronulla Beach CBD special rate 0.00216393 $900.00

Domestic waste charge

Council levies a Domestic Waste Management Charge under Section 496 of the Local Government Act 1993. This charge will apply uniformly to each parcel of rateable land for which the service is available.  Domestic Waste Management Charges for 2019/20 are estimated to yield $38.532 million and will be charged as follows:

Council domestic waste charges 2019/20
Regular service $456.30
Shared service (mostly home units) $456.30
Service availability - vacant land $97.20
Service availability - improved land $200.20
Regular additional service charge $394.50
Strata Additional Service - 240L $595.00
Greenwaste Additional Service (non fire prone area) $125.00
Greenwaste Additional Service (fire prone area) $125.00
Recycle Additional Service $145.00
Additional Putrescible Waste Collection Services 2019/20

Annual application fee for the provision of an additional 120 litre domestic bin as a regular weekly service (ASR)

Note: Only available for households with 6 or more residents and a health care card or medical certificate indicating special circumstances
Greenwaste Additional Bin Application Fee $46.00
Recycling Additional Bin Application Fee $46.00
Combined Greenwaste and Recycling Additional Bin Application Fee $46.00

Note: Where a resident is requesting an additional recycle bin plus a greenwaste bin (or up to 2 extra greenwaste bins if living in a fire prone area), they will only be charged the one administration fee stated above at the time of transaction.

Stormwater management service charges

For 2019/20 the same charges will apply as in 2018/19, with the levy generating just over $2M for essential projects.

Stormwater Charges 2019/20
Residential house $25.00
Residential strata $12.50
Residential pensioner house $12.50
Residential pensioner strata $6.25
Recreation facilities charge $25.00
Commercial property charge pro-rata charge of $25 for each 350 m2 of land area thereof, with a minimum $25 charge
Industrial property charge same as commercial property charge except maximum amount payable is capped at $20,000
for each rateable property   
Commercial & Industrial Strata greater of $5, or the relevant proportion (being the proportion that the unit entitlement of an
individual lot to that of the aggregate entitlement) of the maximum annual charge that would apply if the property were not in a strata scheme


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