Contracts Register

Contract Register

Local councils are required to disclose information about contracts with the private sector. Information about Council contracts must be included in the register within 45 days of the contract becoming effective and must be available for either 20 working days or until the obligations under the contract have been satisfied, whichever is the longer period. 

The Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 provides for three different classes of contracts, each with different information requirements. Further details are available here

Previous versions of the Council Contracts register are available here; Class 1 Contracts, Class 2 Contactact and Class 3 Contacts.


 Contract Number   Contract Name  Contract Effective Date
 T651/16  Auscape Pty Ltd    19 May 2017
 T687/16  Landmark Marinas Pty Ltd  19 May 2016
 RLM391CON  Programmed Turnpoint Pty Ltd    17 January 2017
 T533/15   Brefni Pty Ltd    08 June 2016 
 T703/17  Camporeale Holdings Pty Ltd  19 May 2017
 T670/16  CRS Water Pty Ltd  19 December 2016



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