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Accessing Council Information GIPA

Procedures for applying for council held information and the costs involved.

Accessing Personal Information

Determine if council is holding personal information, access personal information, or alter personal information.

Accessing Adjoining Property Information

An application can be made to access adjoining property information for facilitating a dividing fence or tree matter or to facilitate the notification of works being carried out under complying development.

Council Contracts Register

Local councils are required to disclose information about contracts with the private sector.

Lobbyist Register

Councils Register of Lobbyists records the details of lobbyists who have voluntarily registered with council.

Disclosures Log

In addition to open access information council has an obligation to keep a record called a Disclosure Log.

Gifts and Benefits Register

Register of gifts, benefits or hospitality disclosed by councillors or staff.

Delegations Register

Sutherland Shire Council Delegations

Councillors Political Donations Register

Councillors, Political, Donations, Register, NSW Electoral Commission

Agency Information Guide

Sutherland Shire Council agency information

Access to council information (GIPA ) Access personal information Determine whether council holds personal information about a person Alteration of personal information Adjoining Owner Details

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