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We’ve designed this page to be a quick reference guide to the key things you may need to know or access related to Sutherland Shire Council.  We are committed to our ongoing vision of  improving everyday life in our community, and support active lives connected to nature.

The following graphic showcases the key services we provide for our community. Visit the Strategies, Plans and Reports section of this website to learn more about how what we’re working to achieve for our community and how we’re planning for the future of Sutherland Shire.

If you have a question you’d like answered or if you would like to speak to a representative of Council please contact us by calling 02 9710 0333 or email

Beach Cleaning


Food Shop Inspection

Camellia Gardens

Filming and Photography Permits

Bus Shelters


Business Services & Local Economy

Hazelhurst Arts Centre

Leisure Centres and Water Fun Park

Stormwater Drains, Kerb & Guttering

Irrigation Management


Bushcare/Environment and Community Nursery

Parks and Reserves

Urban Planning & Customer Service

Childcare and Out of School Care

Sporting Facilities

Public Safety and Amenity


Rockpool Cleaning and Maintenance

Public Toilets


Supporting Active Lifestyles

1. Playgrounds
2. Leisure Centres and Water Fun Park
3. Parks and reserves
4. Sporting facilities
5. Skatepark and Pump Track
6. Boat ramps/jetties
7. Camellia Gardens
8. Footpaths/cycleways
9. Lifeguards

A Culturally Rich and Vibrant Community

10. Community events
11. Sutherland Entertainment Centre
12. Hazelhurst Arts Centre
13. Libraries
14. Filming and photography permits
15. Aboriginal heritage conservation

Prosperous Community for All

16. Business services and local economy
17. Tourism
18. Public spaces

Sustaining our Beautiful and Healthy Environment

19. Bushcare/environment and Community Nursery
20. Bushfire protection
21. Tree management
22. Irrigation management
23. Water quality
24. Beach cleaning
25. Rockpool cleaning and maintenance

A Caring and Supportive Community

26. Childcare and out of school care
27. Community services
28. Community halls

Maintaining a High Quality of Life

29. Waste services
30. Public toilets
31. Bus shelters
32. Local roads maintenance
33. Stormwater drains, kerb and guttering
34. Street lighting
35. Food shop inspection
36. Urban planning and customer service
37. Animal control
38. Public safety and amenity

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