Sutherland Shire Shuttle Services

Free Shire Shuttle - Saturday Nights Only

  • The 'One Life One Chance' Shire Shuttle free bus service gets people closer to home safety from various venues around the Shire.
  • It operates between 11:30pm-3:30am Saturdays.
  • Is safe with security on board.
  • Will drop off patrons anywhere on the route upon request.

Service Reduction - No Friday services until further notice

There will be no Friday service on 25 March 2016 and beyond. 

Due to the withdrawal of several sponsors over the last 12 months, the Shire Shuttle has had to cancel the weekly Friday services for the immediate future.

Saturday services will remain as per usual.


  • Gymea/Cronulla - starts outside Gymea pub (first run 11.30pm).
  • Cronulla/Sutherland/Cronulla - starts at Cronulla mall (onto Kingsway).
  • Cronulla/Sutherland/Loftus/Yarrawarrah/Engadine/Heathcote (only serviced by the final bus of the night which leaves Cronulla at 2.45am)



To Sutherland



To Cronulla      
  11:40pm   12:25am 1:10am 1:55am 2:40am
To Sutherland   11:50pm   12:35am 1:20am 1:05am 2:50am*
To Cronulla   11:35pm   12:20am 1:05am 1:50am 2:35am
To Sutherland   11:55pm   12:40am 1:25am 2:10am 2.55am*
To Cronulla   11:30pm   12:15am 1.00am 1:45am 2:30am
To Sutherland   12.00am   12.45am 1.30am 2.15am 3:00am*
To Cronulla   12:10am   12:55am 1.40am 2.25am -
To Heathcote*



11.45 12.30 1.15 2.00 2.45*
11.50 12.35 1.20 2.05 2.50*
11.55 12.40 1.25 2.10 2.55*
12.00 12.45 1.30 2.15 3.00*
Sutherland   12.10 12.55 1.40 2.25 3.10*
Gymea 11.30 12.15 1.00 1.45 2.30 -
Miranda 11.35 12.20 1.05 1.50 2.35 -
Caringbah 11.40 12.25 1.10 1.55 2.40 -
Cronulla 11.45 12.30 1.15 2.00 2.45 -
Engadine - - - - - 3.20*
Heathcote - - - - - 3.25*

* denotes the last shuttle of the night that goes to Sutherland, Heathcote and Engadine.

Main Pick-up Locations

Pickups are available at the following locations, but passengers can also flag down the bus anywhere along the route.

Kingsway at northern end of Cronulla Plaza and opposite train station at Monro Park

Kingsway opposite train station (eastbound) and Kingsway at Caringbah Station (westbound)

Kiora Rd - Bus Interchange

Gymea Bay Rd - outside Gymea Hotel, outside Vinyl Room

The bus interchange on East Parade (western side of station)

Sponsor Venues

The Shire Shuttle is entirely funded through the generous financial contributions of the following sponsors:

See sponsor venues for timetables and pickups.

On-demand Shuttle Services - Transdev

The trial of an on-demand transport service in Sutherland Shire is run by Transdev.

You can book a Transdev shuttle to pick you up from home or a convenient nearby location to take you to a local transport hub or landmark. You can only book trips within one single zone. Zone areas include: Jannali West, Sylvania, Caringbah and Gymea.

This service is designed to be more economical and efficient for you to get around. You get access to direct and frequent trips, as well as a personalised, safe and reliable service.

To make a booking, visit Transdev.  




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More information


Enquiries can be directed to Road Safety Officer on 9710 0333 or

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