Community Language Bulk Loans

A bulk loan is a box of books or other items in a language other than English, borrowed from another library service for a short time. This is a free service; ask at your nearest library.

You will be asked to tell us what you like to read.

  • Stories (fiction).
    Do you like historical fiction, love stories, westerns, literature - classical fiction, spy stories, adventure stories, Australian fiction, war stories, science fiction, detective and mystery stories, sagas?
  • Facts (non-fiction) by subject.
    Do you like history, poetry, drama, cookery, medical information, crafts, politics or other?
  • Children's books.
    Picture books, children's chapter books, bilingual books or sound recordings can be requested.
  • Learning English?
    Ask for books and sound recordings to help.

Current bulk loans

  • Please check your language in the table below. A branch library may have what you want.
  • Ask staff to place a reserve to bring a title to your branch, or for a small selection to be sent to your branch.

Bulk loans in these languages are available now or are "on order" at branches of the Sutherland Shire Libraries.

Language Branch Title List Return Date We asked for…