MakerSpace: Guidelines & Policies

Attendance at MakerSpace events and use of MakerSpace equipment is dependent on users abiding by the Library's guidelines and policies.

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  1. By using the MakerSpace all users agree to abide by this policy and follow the direction of staff at all times.
  2. Open MakerSpace sessions are open to all, however, attendance by those under 18 assumes parental consent.
  3. Be courteous and respectful of others in the MakerSpace and in the library. Tools and equipment are available on a first come, first served basis. Return all tools to their original location in a clean state for the next user.
  4. As the MakerSpace is a public program the library cannot guarantee the intellectual property of your creation. We ask that you respect copyright laws and licensing agreements.
  5. Safety is paramount. If it is your first time using MakerSpace equipment (including, but not limited to, the sewing machine, soldering iron, hot glue gun etc.) let staff know so they can give you an induction into their proper use. When using any tool, makers agree that they are capable of using that item in a safe and appropriate manner. If you see unsafe behaviour you must inform staff.
  6. The library may take promotional photos to document the use of the MakerSpace. By using the space you agree to be included.
  7. Make sure to take all of your property with you at the end of a MakerSpace session. Unclaimed projects may be recycled at staff discretion.
  8. Users agree to dispose of waste responsibly and to re-use material where possible. Ask MakerSpace staff for ideas on component and consumable reuse.
  9. MakerSpace users agree not to use resources for illegal activities, advertising or commercial purposes. Staff may halt, delete, or disallow the creation of a particular item at any time. 
  10. For any equipment lost, stolen or found in a permanently unusable or damaged condition, the user will be subject to a charge that includes the cost of replacing the item.

Sutherland Library's 3D printer can be used for creating three-dimensional objects. Trained staff will upload objects and manage a print queue system for all jobs and their collection.

  1. All Sutherland Shire Libraries computer and network policies apply to the use of the 3D printer. 
  2. The library reserves the right to refuse the production of any content at any time, at the discretion of staff. Examples of objects that will not be produced include, but are not limited to:
    • Any object prohibited by Australian law
    • Objects that are unsafe, dangerous or pose a threat to the safety and wellbeing of others
    • Items that can be viewed as threatening or racially, ethnically or otherwise provocative or inappropriate in the library environment
    • Objects in violation of intellectual property rights or in violation of Australian copyright, patent or trademark legislation.
  3. A maximum of 3 hours of print time will be allotted per person per day. This may be relaxed in off-peak periods at the discretion of staff, subject to availability.
  4. Files must be supplied to MakerSpace staff in .STL format (25MB or less) on a USB with your name and contact details attached.
  5. Staff may offer minimal assistance with design instruction as per Public PC Policy.
  6. Designs from creative commons databases such as Thingiverse can be printed if they are supplied as a .STL file type.
  7. Staff will endeavour to make the most successful prints possible but objects must be accepted as is.
  8. Staff will upload file and manage the print queue. They will give an estimated time of job completion and a collection time; same-day printing is not assured.
  9. Staff are not responsible for clean-up of rafts and supports if they were required in the print. Small bumps or rough edges may occur on the object, which can be cleaned with fine sandpaper or other tools. Staff may be able to offer advice on these methods.

  1. Attendance at monthly meetups and other MakerSpace events is generally free.
  2. The Library may impose a charge to cover the cost of materials consumed at MakerSpace events.
  3. Printing costs: $3.60 per hour of printing (or part thereof). The costs for 3D Printing are reviewed annually and approved in the Sutherland Shire Council Schedule of Fees and Charges.