Literacy Planet

Make learning fun! Develop English literacy skills while playing games.

Over 10,000 exercises to make literacy fun. Literacy Planet covers key areas of English literacy:
Pre-Reading, Phonics, Reading, Vocabulary, Spelling, Grammar & Comprehension.

First Time Here? Important Parent Information

To begin using Literacy Planet parents will need to create a student account for each child. 

This account allows you to track your child's progress and they will receive motivational rewards. Once the student accounts have been created you will be emailed a unique login for each child. Whenever your children return to Literacy Planet they can login to their personal account and continue from where they left off. This login is required for your children to play games on the Literacy Planet app on your iPad or tablet.

Get the App

Literacy Planet can not be used in the browser on tablets (e.g. Safari on iPad). First create accounts for your children in the browser. Then you can install the Literacy Planet App from the relevant App Store and login with the account credentials you previously created.

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