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Overdrive ebooks app on an iPad

Overdrive Audiobooks and eBooks

Download digital audiobooks and ebooks from Overdrive at home and transfer them to your portable devices, iPods and e-readers.

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Borrow Box. Designed and powered by Bolinda Digital

BorrowBox eBooks & Audiobooks

Borrow ebooks and audiobooks and download them straight to your tablet, phone or computer.

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Animalia: the Graeme Base Library Edition

Animalia Games & Activities

Enjoy hours of fun with these games and activities inspired by the classic Animalia characters. Vexing Vocabulary, Butterfly Builder and Animatch are just a few of the interactive games designed by Graeme Base to complement his classic stories. Includes the bonus book – The ABC of Flying.

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Animalia: the Graeme Base Collection

The Graeme Base Digital Book Collection

Six beautifully illustrated Graeme Base picture books have gone digital in this downloadable app. You can turn on the narration by Graeme Base or read along yourself. The original illustrations have been enhanced with music from around the world and clever interactive search features. Can you spot the hidden animals on each page?

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Indyreads ebooks and eaudiobooks

Indyreads eBooks & Audiobooks

Indyreads™ provides access to a statewide collection of independent Australian and international titles, classic literature and modern award-winning titles in eBook and eAudio format

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