Computer Help

Struggling with your computer or tablet? Library staff are available to help people needing assistance with basic computer tasks.

Session Times

Important:  Library staff will provide up to 30 minutes of assistance on one problem or question per visit. Please contact your preferred library to make an appointment.

Sutherland Library
Tuesdays between 10am to 12noon and 2pm to 4pm
Phone 9710 0351
Cronulla Library
Mondays between 2pm to 4pm
Phone 9523 4980
Menai Library
Tuesdays and Thursdays between 2pm to 4pm
Phone 9543 5747
Engadine Library
Thursdays between 2pm to 4pm
Phone 9548 6003

What can we help with?

Staff will assist as best they can with questions of the following nature:

  • Getting started using the library's online collections - eBooks and Audiobooks, Freegal music downloads, Zinio digital magazines, etc.
  • Creating an email address
  • Transferring photos from a camera to a computer
  • Completing online forms
  • Attaching photos to an email

What can't we help with?

This service is not intended as a replacement for a structured training course. The Library does not offer courses to teach people how to use computers. If you are new to computers and are looking for more structured training we suggest you investigate the courses offered by the Endeavour Seniors Computer Club, the St. George & Sutherland Community College or try out the library's online computer training courses.