Conditions of Membership

Membership of Sutherland Shire Libraries is free. When you join any Sutherland Shire Library you gain access to the entire collection across all of our libraries.

Your Library Card

  • You should bring your Library Card whenever you visit any of our branch libraries.
  • You should notify the library immediately if your card is lost or stolen; ph 9710 0351.
  • A $5.00 fee is charged to replace lost or damaged cards (adult members only).

Borrowing Items from the Library

As a Library member, you are entitled to borrow material from any Sutherland Shire Libraries. When you borrow an item from our collection you take responsibility for returning that item by the due date in its original condition.

  • Most items have a 21 day loan period.
  • Each member can borrow up to 30 items at a time.
  • Each library has a collection of reference material which is available for use in the library only and cannot be borrowed.
  • You may return borrowed items to any Sutherland Shire Library regardless of where you originally borrowed them. So, for example, you could borrow an item from Sutherland Library and return it to Cronulla Library.
  • You cannot return an item from our collection to a Library that isn't part of the Sutherland Shire Libraries network. 
  • You cannot return items that belong to other library networks (outside the Shire) to any Sutherland Shire Library.

Extending (Renewing) Your Loans

Items may be renewed online via the Library Catalogue, in person at any Sutherland Shire Library or by telephone.

  • Loans are extended for 21 days from the date of your request, not from the original due date.
  • Up to 3 renewals may be allowed per item - some restrictions apply.
  • If an item has been requested by another member your loan cannot be extended.

Reserving Library Materials

Members can request that the next available copy of an item is reserved for them, to be collected from the branch library of their choice.  Reserves can be requested, online via the Library Catalogue, in person at any Shire Library or by telephone.

  • Reserved items are held for 10 days from the time they become available for collection. The library will notify you that items are available for collection via your preferred method. You can change your notification preference in person at any Shire Library, by telephone or online via the Library Catalogue.

Fees for Overdue, Lost or Damaged Items

To ensure equitable access to the collection for all members, fees are charged when loans are kept past their due date. To avoid overdue fees ensure you return or renew your loans on or before the due date.

  • For adult materials, members will incur a fee of $3.10 per item when loans are 5 days overdue. The fee will increase by 55¢ per item, per day until the item is returned or renewed, up to a maximum of $13.00 per item.
  • For junior materials, members will incur a fee of 50¢ per item when loans are 5 days overdue. The fee will increase by 10¢ per item, per day until the item is returned or renewed, up to a maximum of $3.10 per item.
  • A reminder is sent when borrowed items are 10 days overdue.
  • If you lose an item you have borrowed you will be charged for the cost of the item plus a $17.00 processing fee (additional fees apply to items borrowed through our interlibrary loans service).
    Refunds are not provided for items that are subsequently found and returned. You are entitled to keep any items you have paid for.
  • If you damage beyond repair any item you have borrowed you will be charged for the cost of the item plus a $17.00 processing fee.
  • If a CD/DVD case, insert or RFID tag is damaged, you will be charged a $7.40 processing fee.
  • Different fees apply for magazines/serials. Please ask at any library or view the full Schedule of Fees & Charges.

Suspension of Borrowing Privileges

  • If the balance of fees and charges on your account exceeds $10 (adult) or $2.50 (junior) membership privileges may be withheld. 
  • Legal proceedings may be commenced if borrowed items are not returned and/or outstanding fees remain unpaid.

All fees stated above are approved under the Sutherland Shire Council 2018/19 Schedule of Fees and Charges.