Event Applications

Council approval is required for any major event being held on public land.  Our staff can assist you with your site requirements and permits and other approvals or plans.

Typical major events that require approval include:

  • Circuses.
  • Village Fairs.
  • Community Triathlons.
  • Sporting Club Presentations.
  • Large one off beach events by commercial groups.
  • Major commercial events which may involve TV coverage or road closures.

Other criteria that mark an event as major include if:

  • Road closure may be required 
  • The event significantly affects the use or enjoyment of an area by others
  • The event poses a possible environment or safety hazard 
  • The event requires specialist services 
  • Disruptions to parking and traffic may occur 
  • Waste disposal services will be required 
  • Food is being sold (no permit required but rules apply)
  • Temporary toilet facilities are required 
  • Crowd management is required 
  • Amusement rides will be at the event - planning approval required.
  • A large temporary structure is being built (eg concert stage)

Apply to hold a major event

Will I need a DA for the event?

If the event is going to attract a large amount of people and will require plans for waste, traffic, pedestrian and amenity management as well as road closures or if large temporary structures are to be built (eg, concert stages) a development application is required.
If you are unsure if you need to submit a DA, you can request a pre application discussion with council and also contact us during business hours and ask to speak to a duty officer.

Temporary structures
Small temporary structures at events such as tents and marquees will mostly fall under the exempt categories and will not require a DA. A Development Application is required for larger temporary structures such as a concert stage.

Planning your event

16 weeks prior - Road closures

  • You will need to apply using our Road Closure Application ($266 application fee applies).  The application is reviewed by council's Traffic Committee (comprising RMS, Sutherland Police and our council staff).
  • If the event is held on a State roadRoads and Maritime Services approval is necessary and a Traffic Management Plan will be required.  
  • Details of the approval should be attached to your Event Application. 

14 weeks prior - DA

  • If you are unsure if you need to submit a DA, you can request a pre application discussion with council or before that, call a duty officer during office hours 9710 0333 

8 weeks prior - All other events

  • Complete the Major Event Application and submit to council.  Ensure you have all relevant permits and insurance details. 

Major events on beaches

Surf schools and other commercial activities at our beaches are approved by a tender process and must meet the following guidelines:
  • Be affiliated or compliant with Surfing Australia standards.
  • Be a local community business that actively supports surf lifesaving or boardrider clubs .
  • Support junior development of the sport.
  • Encourage an understanding of the local environment, role of council lifeguards and diversity of beach user groups through the programs delivered.
  • Provide cost effective programs for local schools that focus on education and an active lifestyle.

Volunteer based community sporting clubs such as boardrider clubs, nippers, school sport, surf life saving club events apply under our major events application.  No administration fee is charged to these groups and council will assist with application renewal each year.
Council's beach operations will also assist with crowd control requirements at beach events.

Major events on sporting fields

An event application identifying a sport field will be considered in light of the following:

  • Community sporting groups have priority access via Council’s field allocation process and subsequent hirer agreement
  • The location requested and the significance of the location to sporting groups
  • The type of event – is the event high risk (cars and machinery etc) with potential damage to sporting surface and other infrastructure eg irrigation systems?
  • The time of year (winter v summer) – if the turf is damaged, will the turf recover? If the surface is damaged, will we have time to repair it before sport starts?
  • Do Council have maintenance activities scheduled? Have Council recently invested community money into the site for the purpose of sport? Has a sporting group recently invested club funds into the site?

Sporting clubs/associations utilising fields for presentation days that include activities outside the normal use of the hire agreement will be charged a site fee. This includes the use of any amusement devices, temporary structures and fireworks.

NB: The availability of natural turf sporting fields for events will be impacted by weather. The applicant should understand that, in events of wet weather, Council reserves the right to close fields which may prevent the ability to hold the event. 

Apply to hold a major event


All event holders must have a current Public Liability Policy (certificate of currency) which must be supplied at least 14 days prior to the event with a minimum cover of $20 million indemnity.  Sutherland Shire Council is to be named as a joint insured on the certificate of currency. 

Sale of alcohol

If you are selling alcohol you will need to provide us with a Limited Liquor Licence.  These permits are issued by the Casino, Liquor and Gaming Control Authority. Also consider the permissions of alcohol in public places.

Selling food

You do not need a permit if selling food but you must follow the requirements for temporary food stalls stipulated by the NSW Food Authority. Council is authorised to enforce food standards at temporary food stalls.  

Product sales

Please have all your information ready to advise council if this applies to your event. 

Aquatic activities

A copy of an aquatic licence is required.

After you apply

We will assess your application.  Some matters our staff will discuss with you will include:

  • Suitability of the event activity - the type of activity you are planning will be reviewed against the relevant planning instruments and policies, plans of management and other policies relating to the venue requested for the event.
  • Suitability of event location - factors such as the size of the event and venue availability.  In some instances, it may be considered that the venue requested is not the best option for the activity.


We will provide you with a full quote when we know more about your event.
Equipment hire or facility usage can also be organised as required - you can discuss these requirements with us (eg equipment hire, stalls, community bbqs).
Ask us about your advertising options when booking your event.


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Enquiries can be directed to Economic and Community Development on 9710 0891 or events@ssc.nsw.gov.au

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