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Sutherland Shire Council recognises the importance of working with event organisers and community groups to coordinate events that provide a positive economic, social and environmental outcome for the local community.

Council approval is required for events that are held on public land.  A permit will be issued which details the requirements of your event and the conditions that promote best practise models of event management.

Typical events that require approval include:

  • Village Fairs/ Street Festivals
  • Community Triathlons
  • Sporting Club Presentations and events
  • Beach events by commercial groups
  • Commercial events which may involve TV coverage or road closures
  • Circuses
  • Hobby/ Exhibition Show 
  • Community celebration 
  • Music event/ Concert 
  • Youth event

Other criteria that mark an event as major include if:

  • Road closure may be required 
  • The event significantly affects the use or enjoyment of an area by others
  • The event poses a possible environment or safety hazard 
  • The event requires specialist services 
  • Disruptions to parking and traffic may occur 
  • Waste disposal services will be required 
  • Food is being sold (no permit required but rules apply)
  • Temporary toilet facilities are required 
  • Crowd management is required 
  • Amusement rides will be at the event - planning approval required
  • A large temporary structure is being built (eg concert stage)

Apply to hold an event

Will I need a DA for the event?

If the event is going to attract a large amount of people and will require plans for waste, traffic, pedestrian and amenity management as well as road closures or if large temporary structures are to be built (eg, concert stages) a development application is required.
If you are unsure if you need to submit a DA, you can request a pre application discussion with council and also contact us during business hours and ask to speak to a duty officer.

Temporary structures
Small temporary structures at events such as tents and marquees will mostly fall under the exempt categories and will not require a DA. A Development Application is required for larger temporary structures such as a concert stage.

Planning your event

Events requirement   Time frame prior to proposed event
Development Application 28 weeks
Traffic/Road Closure/ Sign Application     16 weeks
Event application submitted to Council 8 weeks* 
Liquor Licence Application  4 weeks
Payment of Fees and Charges 2 weeks 
Notification to residents and businesses 1-2 weeks
Notification of Emergency Services  1-2 weeks

 * Late submission of your event application will incur an additional administration fee.


Apply to hold an event

For more information on planning your event, see our Events Toolkit

  1. Application and Approval Process
  2. Your Event Site
  3. Food
  4. Alcohol
  5. Power/Lighting
  6. Amenities
  7. Management of Activities including waste, traffic, parking fireworks
  8. Insurance and Risk Management
  9. Community Consultation
  10. Promotion and Signage
  11. Contingency Plan
  12. In Kind Requests
  13. Grants

Apply to hold an event

More information

Policies and documents

Policies and Documents


Major Events Application Temporary Road Closure Application Risk Management


Enquiries can be directed to Business, Sport and Community and Community Services on 9710 0891 or events@ssc.nsw.gov.au

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