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Upcycled Creatures


Turn old objects and recycled materials from around the home into fun and colourful creatures in just 3 easy steps! Watch our video and follow our step by step guide to inspire you upcycle at home.

UPCYCLED: To reuse old materials in a creative way and turn them into something new - to make it better than what it use to be!

You will need:

A collection of objects you no longer need, these could be:

  • Cardboard tubes such as toilet rolls, mail packing tubes or paper towel rolls.
  •  Cardboard such as flat pieces or finished food boxes.
  •  Plastic bottle lids.
  • Fabric scraps.
  • Paper cups.
  • Old toys.
  • Craft materials such as pom poms, feathers, pipe cleaners and googly/sticker eyes.
  • Coloured paper.
  • Coloured textas.
  • Glue stick, sticky tape, double sided tape or hot glue gun.

STEP 1: Collect materials from home and look for interesting shapes. Keep in mind: What does this look like? What could this be? What could I turn this into? These could be objects that you would normally place in the recycle bin, old toys or using left over craft materials in an interesting way.

STEP 2: Once you have had a think, now it’s time to build your creature! You might want to plan first by doing a sketch or gather a few materials and have a play to see what works. When you are happy with how things are arranged, you can attach them using glue, sticky tape or double sided tape. You can also use a hot glue gun with the help of a grown up if you need to make any pieces extra strong.

STEP 3: To make your creature come to life, don’t be afraid to play with texture. Cutting up tissue paper, adding wool or fabric is a great way to create fur, hair or feathers for your creature. Finish your creature by drawing or sticking eyes and a mouth.

If you try this at home, take a photo and tag us: @hazelhurstartscentre or use the hashtag: #hazelhurstathome.

Image: Hazelhurst.


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