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Alison Duff


What are you involved with at Hazelhurst?

I teach the Early Education programs, Art Engage classes, facilitate art making activities at Hazelhurst public events such as At Night and Fest Days, am a member and committee member of Friends of Hazelhurst and volunteer guide.

How long have you been a Hazelhurst guide?

I have been guiding at Hazelhurst for about 15 years and completed the Guide Training Course in 2008.

What has been your favourite exhibition at Hazelhurst and why?

The next one! I love the anticipation of seeing new work or work in a new context. I enjoy learning about artists and their practice prior to the exhibition and seeing photos of their work then seeing the works in the flesh in situ.

Tell us about your art practice

I’m a conceptual artist. I enjoy investigating and using materials that are unusual or have historical significance. I explore relationships between people, places and entities. In a process not unlike alchemy, I take an ordinary object, often overlooked and discarded and transform it into something that invites enquiry, admiration and connection. I often apply water colour painting techniques, use of textiles with a dash of humour to explore cross cultural and cross generational issues such parenting, grief, loss, migration, spirituality and place.

What does art mean for you? Why is it important?

Making art allows me to express my concepts and ideas and make connections with other people. Displaying my art takes a lot of courage because I’m revealing myself in a visual and tangible way. When a viewer understands what I’m aiming to express I feel a great sense of connection and validation.

Tell us about your studio / creative workspace

I have a mobile workspace that is dependent upon what I’m creating, the weather and my family.

I have three storage spaces throughout my house to store my art materials – the garage for wood, jars of seaweed pigment, wire etc, a spare bedroom for textiles, paints, adhesives, paper, brushes etc and the boathouse for dried seaweed, soil, dried leaves etc. Sometimes I work at the kitchen table (that has to be cleared at mealtimes). Other times I can be working in or outside our boathouse that looks out over Gymea Bay on the Hacking River. I need lots of natural light, peace and quiet to think and all of my materials have to be gathered from their various locations. It’s not an ideal arrangement but I enjoy working in my place of refuge.

How do you feel when you make art?

I feel my true self.

What is your advice for anyone looking to get creative / find inspiration?

Play and have fun. Whatever you create is of value because you’ve created it. Don’t try to copy anyone else.


Images: courtesy Alison Duff.

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