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11 Feb 2017 - 26 Mar 2017

Hazelhurst’s annual offering of ARTEXPRESS showcased a selection of 52 HSC artworks by 2016 HSC Visual Arts students, including 10 from local schools and covered a range of themes and expressive forms.

This Hazelhurst curated ARTEXPRESS exhibition included themes of identity and our relationship to the environment. The exhibiting artists experimented across a range of media, pushing aesthetic, thematic and formal boundaries. Hazelhurst joined other venues across Sydney and the State in hosting ARTEXPRESS, a series of unique exhibitions, popular with the general public and thousands of school students. 

More information about the students' work and the process behind their creation can be found on the ARTEXPRESS 2017 - Student Work page.

The students of  this years’ Hazelhurst ARTEXPRESS explored identity relevant to our time through portraiture, including self and cultural identity, pushed in a range of techniques utilising both old and new styles. The paintings Spice of Life by  Ebrahim Khanbhai explored the styles of Nicholas Harding and Ben Quilty to portray his grandparents, who appear as if from another place and time.  Jarrah Gough in Define Yourself portrayed two portraits using contrasting drawing styles to provoke questions of identity and self.

Elijah Innes and Michael Cavanagh used contemporary technology to produce large scale portraits, that while being aesthetically beautiful, provoked us to contemplate their technical achievements and implied meanings. Elijah Innes’ painting Eulogy of Age appropriated Christian iconography to explore through digital painting how the worship of a God is replaced by the narcissistic worship of self-idolism, appropriate in an age of selfies.

Perhaps the most profound recurring theme is that of the environment expressed in a multitude of ways. Kyle Sier’s photomedia work In Isolation, contrasted the beauty of colour in the natural world with stark black and white images of the man-made environment, while juxtaposing the fast-pace of the city. Through printmaking with stitching Arabella Barnard reflected in a Collection of Works entitled Imprint, the memories made by collected natural objects and textures. Bethany Hoyt’s sculpture Biophilia utilised traditional crafts to look at found objects such as disposable plastic containers and how they combine with the ecosystem. Her delicate all-white work used knitting, shibori and crochet to explore the relationship of humans and the natural world. Spencer Fay’s photomedia Blurred Lines reduces architectural forms to minimal lines in pursuit of modern society’s responsibility for nature and our environment.

ARTEXPRESS exhibition was presented by Hazelhurst, in association with the NSW Department of Education and the NSW Education Standards Authority.  





More information on the Hazelhurst HSC Intensive workshops and forums for students can be found at the Art Classes page.

Image: Elijah Innes, Hunter School of Performing Arts, Eulogy of Age (detail), painting.


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