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7 Feb 2015 - 22 Mar 2015

A selection of Higher School Certificate artworks that saw students experimenting across a range of media and pushing aesthetic, thematic and formal boundaries.

Hazelhurst's ARTEXPRESS 2015 exhibition was strong in fresh ideas and revealed extraordinary technical skills by 50 young artists from the Sutherland Shire and throughout NSW. A visitor to ARTEXPRESS at Hazelhurst was rewarded by seeing the diversity that young people employed in depicting sophisticated ideas. Artworks ranged across a variety of media, convention and techniques, with themes ranging from issues of social, cultural and spiritual significance through to aspects of personal identity and home environment.

Harry Klein from Epping Boys High School explored the combination of masculine and feminine sex characteristics (androgyny) in his work titled Flowing Between. The body of work investigated the biological intersex physicality of gender. Extensively influenced by the work of artists Anthony Lister, Brett Whiteley and Adam Cullen, Klein’s experimentation of form and use of colour allowed the gender ambiguity to be distinct.

Zoe Izzard from De La Salle Catholic College Cronulla examined the classical interdependence between humanity and nature by focusing on the aesthetics of the athletic figure in the landscape. Her work titled The Dryad is a spirit which inhabits the wilderness in Ancient mythology. By exploring her local environment and revealing a variety of fragile ecosystems, a dialogue between the forms and textures of the figure and the natural world were investigated.

Inaburra School student Grace Cracknell focused on anthropomorphism as the basis of her work. Anthropomorphism is the attribution of human form or characteristics to animals, which in many ancient cultures, has been used as a literary device in story telling. Her work titled the The Owl and the Pussy Cat explored human mannerisms through animal stereotypes. Influenced by Edward Lear’s poem of the same name, imagery and symbolism were used to re-engage the audience with timeless constructs addressed in the poem.

Want to learn more about the artists and work in Hazelhurst's ARTEXPRESS 2015 exhibition? The ARTEXPRESS 2015 - Student Works page has images and statements from all the artists in the exhibition.

Image:Harry Klein, Epping Boys HS, Flowing Between (detail), painting.

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