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Pat Pillai

Arty Act: Doll Making



Create a miniature doll as a gift and experience how the meditative effect of knitting and binding free your mind to make room for artistic expression. As you work, imagine you are sending your best wishes to the intended recipient, whether that is you, a friend, the environment, or your favourite sports team.

You will need:

  • Yarn: DK (8 ply) ¼ of a ball, main colour, small amounts of different textures and colours
  • Recycled stretch fabric cut into strips 1cm wide
  • Pipe Cleaners and/ or 90 cm thin wire. Strips of alfoil or recycled pill blister packs
  • Toy stuffing or fabric scraps
  • Sewing thread
  • Beads and/or buttons* *do not use if making for a small child
  • Double sided sticky tape, white craft glue
  • Darning needle, sewing needle and scissors
  • Knitting needles size 10, preferably double ended
  • Knitting Nancy or DIY French Knitter

Get to know Pat Pillai

Pat Pillai is a Sutherland Shire artist passionate about using art as an engagement tool to promote health and mental wellness. She combines readily available materials and simple techniques to produce collaborative artworks and sculptural installations. Pat was the lead artist of Neural Knitworks: craft a healthy brain, Hazelhurst 2014.

Image: Courtesy Pat Pillai.

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