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Zuza Zochowski & Zara Collins: Time and Place

13 Jul 2019 - 23 Jul 2019

New work by artists Zuza Zochowski & Zara Collins.

The exhibition reflects on the various ways in which memory feeds into artistic production, exploring the individuality of Zochowski and Collins and the work they produce. Mixed media works including wax encaustic, ceramic, painting and collage display a sentimentality towards today’s rapidly changing urban environment. The notion of ‘place’, a location with purpose or function, is explored as a common theme in both Collins and Zochowski’s works. While Collins’ work explores the interior, Zochowski’s work considers the exterior.  Both artists’ work investigates the familiar sense of a place and an attempt to capture the intangible and fleeting.

Collins series of works in wax encaustic, silverwork and ceramics deals with the notion of collected trinkets and ordinary everyday objects which we associate with domestic ritual and their accompanying memories: and the idea that we place personal and emotional value within the most humble objects in our homes. This collection of works contemplates the empathy and appreciation of familiar domestic objects and the consideration that only through a personal connection that we find true value in the commonplace.

Zochowski’s works explore methods in translating her local Illawarra landscape. Using plein air sketches to aid in the formation of larger works on canvas, Zochowski, looks at familiar shapes, colours and tones to define immediate aspects within the suburban landscape. Returning to the studio, informed by memories and sketches, Zochowski considers the effect of the materials to reconnect to the original moment. Different brush marks, textures and colours make suggestion to the light and weather conditions or in significance to a certain frame of mind. Common observations of fences, houses, hedges are minimised, glorified and exaggerated presenting an emotional truth and evolving the final image into it’s own reality.

Image: Zuza Zochowski, Illawarra Collage II 2018, Detail, watercolour and collage on cotton ra.

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