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WALKA - Design from the Western and Central Desert

21 Nov 2020 - 13 Dec 2020

Walka (meaning design in Pitjantjatjara) will showcase the beautiful designs of timeless carvings, the designs that are found on the carvings, on Walka boards and paintings.

This unique exhibition presents artworks from Maruku Arts, an Aboriginal Art Organisation owned and governed by Anangu artists of the Western and Central Desert regions of Australia. Maruku specialises in Punu (wood carving) and works with over 500 artists in 22 communities.

Maruku Arts and Crafts was formed around 1981 to support craftspeople from the communities and homelands to the west, south, east and north of Uluru. Maruku literally means ‘belonging to black’ and was given this name as it is owned and operated by Anangu. The purpose of the organisation is to keep culture strong and alive for future generations of artists and to make culture accessible in an authentic way to those that seek a more in-depth understanding. The organisation also provides an important form of income to artists living in remote communities across Anangu lands.

‘Tali’ means sand dunes. This pattern describing country is significant and is featured throughout Maruku artists’ art and woodcarvings. The desert, this sand dune country, is what they call home.

Image: Dallas Syme, Tali

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