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The Land Of The Green Ghosts

15 Jun 2019 - 25 Jun 2019

This exhibition explores the subtle and complex layers of the natural world through the unique perspectives of three contemporary female painters, Naomi Bishop, Kathryn Cowen and Valentina Palonen.

Each artist hopes to offer a new standpoint of the natural world, and the issues facing it, and are unapologetically driven by a subjective response to both landscape and to painting practice. While each artist has her own approach – albeit psychological, spiritual, or environmental – they each surrender to the sensuous materiality of paint and allow process-based practice to take precedence. 

The artists present canvases saturated with the colours of implied bioluminescence, aurora borealis and other natural wonders. It is this sense of wonder the artists wish to share with the viewer, a world renewed, seen afresh, without the constraints of rationality or the pervasive mundane. They put no stock into the expected, the accepted, and the regurgitated; but stalwartly embrace painting as an avenue to discovery. They come together to explore our connection to the environment and the different ways that we perceive it in this time of grave ecological change.

Image: Valentina Palonen, The Circle (detail), 2018, oil on canvas, 122 x 122cm.

More Information: 8536 5731

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