Council's Role


Council’s role in emergency management

Council works in collaboration with emergency service organisations to ensure the safety of the community. Council is required to appoint a Local Emergency Management Officer (LEMO), who in the event of an emergency in the Sutherland Shire Local Government Area will act as the coordinator and will liaise with other emergency services such as NSW Police, NSW Rural Fire Service, Fire & Rescue NSW and NSW State Emergency Service. Council’s LEMO also acts as the chair of the Local Emergency Management Committee. Council provides executive support to the committee which facilitates an effective communication network with all emergency response agencies and ensures that resources will be available to respond to emergencies if the need arises.

Formal plans for emergencies

Council also coordinates the review and update of the local Emergency Management Plan (EMPLAN) which details arrangements for the; prevention of, preparation for, response to and recovery from emergencies within the Sutherland Shire Local Government Area. 


Other relevant plans include:

Information for planning

There is information available on Council's website to assist you in learning about your area and to prepare for emergencies.

What is the history of emergencies in the Shire?

Sutherland Shire is located in an area of natural beauty; however, it also means we are susceptible to bushfire, storms and flooding. Since 1938 Sutherland Shire has experienced 17 bush fire events, 50 earthquake recordings (the largest being 4.8 in 1999), and numerous major storms including the damaging hailstorm of 1999 and the Kurnell tornado in 2015. It is important that the community remains vigilant and prepared for any emergency that may occur.

Shire emergencies over the last 30 years:

  • 1998 Bushfires
  • 1989 Bushfires
  • 1994 Bushfires
  • 1997 Bushfires
  • 1999 Waterfall Train Disaster
  • 1999 Hailstorm
  • 1999 Earthquake 4.8
  • 2001 Bushfires
  • 2002 Bushfires
  • 2015 Tornado
  • 2016 East Coast Low (Severe Storm)
  • 2017 Bushfires
  • Public Health
  • Fire
  • Flood
  • Storm
  • Tsunami
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Council's Role
  • Recovery

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