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You can also book Vacation Care spots using the MFL app! 

Oodles of School Holiday Fun

We love designing our school holiday programs, with just one goal in mind - fun! (And safety, of course.) The children also get involved, sharing with us the activities and excursions they love doing. 

Our three centres at Miranda (Kindergarten-14 years), Lucas Heights (K-14 years) and Burraneer Bay (K-12 years) open 7am-6pm.

Council’s Vacation Care is a fun and safe environment for children, with robust policies and procedures overseen by Council’s quality specialists.

Our Early Bird fee ($55 per day) is available until Thursday 12 December. After this date, the rate is $60 per day. Please note some excursion/activity costs are additional.


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Summer holiday highlights... bookings now open!

  • Tuff Nutterz excursion - over 30 different inflatable obstacles spanning 270 metres!
  • Benny the Christmas Elf incursion - huge amounts of audience participation in a creative, adventure filled, magical show.
  • Australian wildlife show at The Australian Botanic Garden - a range of animals from cute and cuddly to scaly and scary. See them, hear their story, and maybe even touch them or take a pic with them.
  • Summer Wonderland Excursion - with unlimited amusement rides, snow play & inflatables.
  • Santa Workshop
  • New Year Disco
  • Australia Day party
  • Paper Aeroplane Contest  

Dec/Jan Program  

Excursion Permission Form

How to Book Guide

Vacation Care Terms & Conditions

Vacation Care Family Handbook  

2019/20 Vacation Care fees

Do you need a Medical Management Plan form?

Medical Management Plans are a regulatory requirement and provide our Educators with the information required to best meet your child's medical needs. You will need to complete a Medical Management Plan if:

  • your child is new to Sutherland Shire Council Vacation Care and has been diagnosed with a medical condition.
  • has recently been diagnosed with a medical condition and this is the first Vacation Care period since the diagnosis.
  • your child's current plan is out-of-date, or will be out-of-date in the holiday period you are booking in for (plans need to be updated every 12 months)
  • your child's medical condition has changed or the management of the condition has changed.

Medical conditions include asthma, anaphylaxis, diabetes, an allergy requiring medication on contact allergen, etc.

Click here for more information and to access the Medical Management Plan Form

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Contact Vacation Care

For Vacation Care queries, please phone Vacation Care on 9710 0466 or email our team at

“My child attends Burraneer Bay Vacation Care and over the past few years she has really enjoyed her time there.  During the last holidays my daughter often spoke about some of the Educators who have been absolutely amazing and have made her experience exceptional. The Centre Coordinator is also consistently exceptional with her care & attention to each child’s needs. I am grateful for the energetic, engaging and caring team who have contributed to making my daughter’s experience so positive.”

 Our family values the care and fun activities provided at your Burraneer Bay Vacation Care centre. We believe it is a safe environment, where our child feels a part of the group. It is our first time using the service this term. We will definitely be back in future.”

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