Childcare Services Code of Conduct

When visiting a Sutherland Shire Council Children’s Services managed site, attending a meeting/visit/excursion/event organised by SSC Children’s Services or interacting with a SSC Children’s Services employee OR FDC Educator, adults will:

  • Use respectful and open communication
  • Follow the policies & procedures in relation to absences and illness/injuries
  • Work collaboratively with educators to resolve any behavioural or other issues that may arise
  • Engage in meetings and other communications as required by the site supervisor
  • Follow the service procedures in relation to grievance procedures
  • Ensure that respectable boundaries are upheld at all times

Council does not permit educators to baby sit for parents known throughout the centre or have friends on social media sites - such as Facebook - with contacts that are known only through the centre (i.e not known in any other capacity such as through sporting groups).

Sutherland Shire Council Children’s Services WILL NOT tolerate any of the following behaviour.  Engaging in this behaviour may result in your child’s position being terminated immediately.

  • Swearing / offensive language around children or educators
  • Aggressive behaviour towards children or educators
  • Violence or threats of violence towards children or educators
  • Harassment directed towards children or educators
  • Discrimination towards children or educators
  • Vilification of children or educators
  • Bullying directed towards children or educators
  • Defamation directed towards children, educators or SSC Children’s Services, this includes posts on Social Media
  • Other anti-social behaviours

SSC Children’s Services reserves the right to take appropriate action in order to provide a safe and protective environment for all service users, educators and children, including denying services to any group or individual in breach of the Code of Conduct for Parents/Guardians.  

Using this Code of Conduct

This code cannot address all the possible issues which may arise with interactions between families / guardians and members of educators. Where an individual has any doubts as to the applicability of the code, or the appropriate course of action, the matter should be discussed with the supervisor at the site, or Children’s Services Management team.

If a breach of this code of conduct occurs, this may result in the enrolment for the child to be withdrawn from our Early or Middle Education and Care services.  This decision will be made at the discretion of the Manager of Children’s Services.


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