Shire's best kept childcare secret

Parents who are navigating choosing the right childcare for their child often take to local online forums to seek advice, insight and a heads up on vacancies from other mums and dads.  So we reached out to the team at Mums of the Shire – an online community of more than 7,000 mums – to share information about Family Day Care and let their members know about this niche and personalised form of care, that many aren’t aware of.

Here’s a summary of the article, which is published in full on the Mums of the Shire website.

Heading back to work or study and looking for childcare?  Feeling overwhelmed and apprehensive about choosing the best care for your child?  It’s all perfectly normal, especially for first-time mums who may have spent a long stretch of time caring for their child at home.

If you’re looking for a smooth and seamless transition to care, Sutherland Shire Council’s Family Day Care closely mirrors the family home.  Early childhood specialists work out of their own homes, providing high quality care and education to only four children under school age.


“My youngest son Phoenix is four and has been attending Kelly’s Family Day Care in Yowie Bay for more than a year; he absolutely loves it.  So much so that he wants to be there on his days off!” said Katie, a local mum of two boys.

She continued: “I really wish I’d known about Family ay care with my first son.  It’s such a beautiful and nurturing environment, so loving, warm and happy.  I have complete peace-of-mind knowing that my son is well cared for and gets all the cuddles and attention he needs when I am not there.  He’s absolutely thriving and learning so much as a result.”

“And, there’s never been any clingy-ness at drop off, just a kiss and a cuddle then he skips off with his friends.  I look forward to the daily updates I receive on what he’s been up to and how much he’s learning.”




If you are looking for childcare options in the Sutherland Shire you are welcome to attend our upcoming Childcare Information Session.  You will get to meet Family Day Care Educators, hear from a parent guest speaker and learn more about why Family Day Care is the Shire’s best-kept childcare secret.

Details: 9:30am, Saturday 12 October 2019, Gymea Bay Resource Centre, 276A Gymea Bay Road, Gymea Bay.  




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